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Title: Funeral Registration

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that requires the registration of all funeral establishments and re-registration every two years.


- Prohibits anyone in the funeral business from interfering with a person's right to choose a funeral establishment [sec. 3 (e)]. - Limits access to the body during embalming and cremation to the embalmer, cremator and licensed nurses or doctors with a medical reason for being present [sec. 3 (i) (I-VIII)]. - Makes it unlawful for a mortuary to sell human body parts [sec. 4 (1)(n)]. - Requires a mortuary science practitioner to be licensed by the director of the division of registrations [sec. 9 (12-54-110) (1) (a) (I)]. - Requires a mortuary to maintain sanitary conditions [sec. 9 (12-54-111) (1) (a)]. - Gives the director of the department of regulatory agencies the authority to investigate licensed mortuary science practitioners and registered mortuaries and revoke a license in the case of regulation violations [sec. 9 (12-54-112) (4) (a)]. - Grants immunity from civil action to employees whom in good faith report or testify about violations made by a funeral service provider [sec. 9 (12-54-114)]. - Effective date of this bill July 1, 2008 (Sec. 13).