AB 1991 - Development on Half Moon Bay - California Key Vote

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Title: Development on Half Moon Bay

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that would authorize exemptions in certain environmental regulations to allow the development of the Beachwood property (which recently took on wetland characteristics) and the Glencree property as part of a settlement agreement to end litigation brought against the city of Half Moon Bay.


-Declares previous approvals issued in 1990 of development on the Beachwood and Glencree properties to be applicable in spite of lapsed time, changed conditions, or any other factors and specifies that these approvals give the current and future owners of the properties the right to proceed with development (Sec. 2) -Excludes the Beachwood and Glencree properties from "coastal zone" designation for the purposes of the California Coastal Act and exempts the properties from certain permit or approval requirements under the California Coastal Act, the city's local coastal program, the Fish and Game Code, the Streets and Highways Code, the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Act, or the California Environmental Quality Act (Sec. 2). -Declares that legislation approving development on Beachwood and Glencree would not serve as a precedent for future exceptions to state environmental regulation due to the unique combination of facts which led to the Beachwood litigation (Sec. 1).