HR 2745 - United Nations Reform Act of 2005 - National Key Vote

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Title: United Nations Reform Act of 2005

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that limits the United States' financial contributions to the United Nations by up to one-half by the year 2007, if several reforms are not made.


  • Requires the shifting of the funding mechanisms of certain organizational programs from the regular assessed U.N. budget to voluntarily funded programs (Sec. 101).
  • Requires the creation of an Independent Oversight Board with the authority to evaluate all operations of the U.N. (Sec. 104).
  • Compels the U.S. President to instruct the U.S. representative to the U.N. to influence the Secretary General of the U.N. to waive diplomatic immunity for U.N. officials under investigation or charged with serious criminal offences (Sec. 104).
  • Creates a certification of U.N. cooperation to provide documentary evidence to member states investigating the Oil-for-Food program (Sec. 104).
  • Instructs the U.N. to implement procedures to protect 'whistle-blowers', individuals who reveal wrongdoings within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority (Sec. 104).
  • Demands that a credible and respectable Human Rights Council or other human rights body is established within the U.N. (Sec. 201).
  • Requests that the Human Rights Council deems any member state under investigation for the violation of human rights as ineligible for membership on any human rights body (Sec. 201).
  • Obliges the creation of a uniform code of conduct for all U.N. officials (Sec. 402).
  • Requests that a permanent, independent, investigative body be established to monitor U.N. Peacekeeping forces (Sec. 402).