AB 2058 - Paper and Plastic Bag Tax - California Key Vote

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Title: Paper and Plastic Bag Tax

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that requires stores to charge a fee of 25 cents for each paper and plastic carryout bag provided to a customer if the store does not show an increased diversion rate, meaning a decrease in the amount of plastic bags being provided and an increase in the amount being recycled.


- Requires stores to demonstrate that at least 70 percent more plastic bags were subject to diversion by 2010 compared to 2007, and annually thereafter, to avoid implementing plastic bag fees [sec. 7 (a)]. - Omits the exemption for diversion rates with respect to paper bags (Sec. 14). - Establishes the following penalties for violations of this Act [sec. 10 (a)]:

    - $500 for the first violation; - $1,000 for the second violation; and - $2,000 for the third and subsequent violations.
- Requires stores charging paper and plastic bag fees to demonstrate that the revenue is being used to implement plastic bag litter reduction, cleanup, and recycling activities [sec. 7 (c) & sec. 14 (b)]. - Places enforcement of these provisions under the jurisdiction of the Integrated Waste Management Board, and requires stores charging fees for paper bags to pay a quarterly fee equal to 3 percent of revenue to the board [sec. 13 (a) & sec. 14 (c)].