HR 12 - Employment Discrimination Law Amendments - National Key Vote


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Title: Employment Discrimination Law Amendments

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that allows victims of wage discrimination to sue for punitive damages and requires employers to prove that any disparities in pay between men and women are job-related.


  • Requires that employers be able to prove that any disparities in pay between male and female employees are job-related (Sec. 3).
  • Prohibits employer retaliation against employees who inquire about, discuss, or disclose their own wage or that of another employee (Sec. 3).
  • Increases penalties against a discriminatory employer including compensation of legal fees and liability for punitive damages against an employee (Sec. 3).
  • Issues grant money for salary negotiation skills training for girls and women (Sec. 5).
  • Requires the Department of Labor to conduct and publicize ongoing research into the elimination of pay disparities (Sec. 6).
  • Directs the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to issue business regulations for the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws (Sec. 8).


HR 12 was passed and then amended into HR 11 for further action