HR 1105 - 2009 Budget Bill - National Key Vote

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Title: 2009 Budget Bill

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill appropriating funds for government operations through September 2009.


  • Prohibits funds from being used for programs that would allow Mexican shipping vehicles beyond the commercial zones currently established along the US-Mexican border (Division I, Title I, Sec. 136).
  • Prohibits funds from being used to prevent voluntary prayer or meditation in schools (Division F, Title III, Sec. 303).
  • Prohibits funds from being used for abortions, unless the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, or the woman's life is at risk as a result of the pregnancy.
  • Prohibits funds from being used for the creation of human embryos for research purposes (Division F, Title V, Sec. 509).
  • Allows up to 7,500 Afghan citizens who were previously employed by the US government to be granted special immigrant visas between the years of 2009 and 2013 (Division F, Title VI, Sec. 602).
  • Appropriates $17.5 billion for international economic assistance, including $7.1 billion for global health programs, as long as no funding is used for programs practicing or promoting involuntary abortions or sterilization, or to pay for abortions as a method of family planning (Division H, Title III).
  • Prohibits funds from being used to encourage the relocation of jobs from within the United States to another country or to provide assistance to any program that violates workers' rights (Division H, Title VII, Sec. 7029).
  • Prohibits funds from being used to support a Palestinian state unless the governing entity of the Palestinian state has shown a commitment to peace in the Middle East, including a peaceful co-existence with Israel (Division H, Title VII Sec. 7036).
  • Appropriates $5.15 billion for the Department of Transportation, including funding for federal-aid highway projects and public transportation (Division I, Title I).
  • Appropriates $41.8 billion for housing and urban development, including $23.92 billion for rental housing assistance programs, $1.68 billion for programs that provide services to the homeless, and funding for mortgage loans (Division I, Title II).
  • Appropriates $9.38 billion for rural development programs, including $8.26 billion for the rural housing insurance fund (Division A, Title III).
  • Appropriates $72.47 billion for the Department of Energy, including funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy, nuclear energy, clean coal technology, and innovative technology guaranteed loans (Division C, Title III).