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H 438 - Gas Tax Increase to Fund Transportation Construction Bonds - Vermont Key Vote

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Title: Gas Tax Increase to Fund Transportation Construction Bonds

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Title: Gas Tax Increase to Fund Transportation Construction Bonds

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that allows the state's proposed fiscal year 2010 transportation program to be appended to the agency of transportation's proposed fiscal year 2010 budget.


-Requires that, in addition to any other changes in spending authority in the fiscal year 2009 program development budget, transportation funds are reduced by $2,347,564 and transportation infrastructure bond funds (TIB) are increased by $2,347,564 (Sec. 9). -Requires that town highway state aid shall be given to towns in four quarterly installments. The first quarterly installment shall be $8,208,186 and the second, third, and fourth quarterly installments each $6,358,186 (Sec. 12). -Provides that any town transportation project required by law to receive a local match shall retain the local match requirement regardless of the state's use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to fund the project (Sec. 15). -Provides an annual appropriation for grants to municipalities for maintenance intended to preserve the integrity of the traveled portion of class 1, 2, and 3 town highways (Sec.29). - Requires that, beginning each July 1, 2012, the tax on gasoline and other motor fuels such as diesel fuel, shall change accordingly to percentage change in gross domestic product price index (Secs. 31, 32). -Creates the TIB within the transportation fund, which consists of funds raised by the motor fuels distributor infrastructure assessments (Se. 33). -Provides how TIB funds will be used, including to pay principal, interest, and related costs as well as to pay for the rehabilitation, reconstruction, or replacement of state bridges, culverts, roads, railroads, airports, and necessary buildings (Sec. 33). -Imposes a tax of 25 cents, a fee of 1 cent and a motor fuels distributor infrastructure assessment surcharge of 5 cents on every gallon of gas (Sec. 34). -Appropriates $30 million, for fiscal year 2010, from the issuance of transportation infrastructure bonds to the transportation agency for eligible projects (Sec. 42).

Title: Gas Tax Increase to Fund Transportation Construction Bonds