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Title: Allowing Lawsuits for Nonnative Species Attacks

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Vote to pass a bill that establishes a civil cause of action against any individual who introduced or protected a "dangerous or vicious animal" that caused the injury or death of a person, livestock, or wildlife, and classifies the violation of intending to introduce "dangerous and vicious animal" into the state as a felony.


-Defines "dangerous and vicious animals" as non-domesticated animals that are members of a species or subspecies that are known to be a threat to the safety and welfare of persons, livestock, pets, or other property (Sec. 4). -Specifies that civil action is warranted against any individual that performed a primary role in the introduction or protection of the "dangerous or vicious animal," or an individual charged with the management of such animals and whose negligence facilitated the potential for injury, death, or economic loss (Sec. 5). -Specifies that civil action is not warranted against an individual who prevents hunting or trespassing on land that is owned or controlled by that individual (Sec. 5). -Supplements the violation of introducing a "dangerous and vicious animal" to the list of crimes that constitute racketeering, provided that specific circumstances exist, as provided by existing law (Sec. 3).

Title: Allowing Lawsuits for Nonnative Species Attacks

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