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SF 1331 - Changing Early Voting and Special Election Requirements - Minnesota Key Vote


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Title: Changing Early Voting and Special Election Requirements

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that establishes absentee voting without an excuse for voters in Minnesota, moves the state primary election from September to June, specifies that House and Senate vacancies are to be filled by special election and enacts other provisions regarding the administration of elections in the state of Minnesota.


-Permits residents with valid Minnesota drivers’ license, identification card, or learners permit to register to vote online more than twenty days before an election (Sec. 12). -Defines early voting as voting in person before Election Day at the office of the county auditor or any other location authorized in this chapter (Sec. 22). -Allows a voter to vote by absentee ballot the day before the election if they intended to vote in person at their polling place, but learned within four days of the election that they would be unable to do so (Sec. 36). -Establishes ballot boards to oversee absentee ballots including their verification, rejection, acceptance, and the counting of absentee ballots (Sec. 39). -Requires ballot boards, for absentee ballots rejected earlier than five days before Election Day, to provide the voter with a replacement absentee ballot (Sec. 39). -Creates an early voting period for every primary, general, and special election from eighteen days before the election through the fourth day before the election and permits any eligible voter to vote during this early voting period (Secs. 51&52). -Mandates the county auditor post a notice on the county’s website specifying the date, time and location for early voting (Sec. 55). -Grants every employee the right to be absent from work to vote on Election Day without penalty or loss of pay (Sec. 92). -Allows members of the press and representatives from an academic institution to conduct exit polling within one hundred feet of a polling place (Sec. 93). -Moves state primary from September to the second Tuesday in June, beginning in 2010 (Sec. 134). -Requires a special election to fill vacancies in the United States Senate and House of Representatives (Sec. 154).

Title: Changing Early Voting and Special Election Requirements