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HB 2369 - Renewable Energy Standards - Kansas Key Vote


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Title: Renewable Energy Standards

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt a bill with amendments made by the Senate which has two major goals: State regulation of utility companies that set specific standards for renewable energy production, and to allow consumers to produce their own energy and sell it back to the utility companies.


-Requires the State Corporation Committee to regulate all utilities to include renewable energy resources as a portion of their overall energy production (Sec. 3). -Requires utilities to generate 10% of their power from renewable sources by 2011, 15% by 2016, and 20% by 2020 (Sec. 3). -Allows for utility companies to recover reasonable costs incurred by compliance with the Renewable Energy Standards Act (Sec. 4). -Requires the Committee to establish rules and punishments for non-compliance. Allows utility companies to avoid punishment if the company can demonstrate reasonable effort made towards compliance (Sec. 6). -Establishes to Net-Metering and Easy Connection Act, which enables customers to generate their own electricity through renewable sources and sell the extra electricity back their utility company (Sec. 8-16). -Requires the State to purchase energy star (or energy star equivalent) products and equipment (Sec. 17-21). -Requires the State to report where excessive amounts of energy is being used on State property and leases on those properties will not be renewed if energy standards are not met (Sec. 18). -Recommends school district, local government, and future construction and renovation project compliance to these new energy standards (Sec. 20-22). -Prohibits air quality standards set forth by the Secretary of Health and Environment and in HB 2369, unless there is prior approval from the state legislature, from being any more stringent, restrictive, or expansive than the standards of the Federal Clean Air Act (Sec. 23). -Requires all new coal-fired power plants (built after this bill goes into effect) to purchase 5% of their coal from Kansas (Sec. 31).

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