HB 705 - Equal Pay for Women - Louisiana Key Vote


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Title: Equal Pay for Women

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that requires employers in Louisiana to pay all workers with similar education, qualifications, and job tasks equally without discrimination based on gender.


-Mandates that no employer may discriminate against an employee on the basis of sex by paying wages at a lesser rate for the same or substantially similar work on jobs in which an employee's performance requires equal skill, effort, education, and responsibility (Sec. 1). -Allows an employee who believes that an employer is being discriminatory to submit a written notice to the employer, who then has ninety days to remedy any violation (Sec. 1). -Allows an employee to institute a civil suit against an employer who fails to remedy a violation within ninety days of receiving a written notice (Sec. 1). -Requires that any employer who is found in violation of this law pay the affected employee the amount of his/her unpaid wages and an additional one-half of unpaid wages in liquidated damages, in addition to reasonable attorney fees and costs (Sec. 1). -States that an employer is liable for employment, reinstatement, promotion, and any benefits lost to the affected employee in certain circumstances (Sec. 1).