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Title: Physician Advisory Group

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that creates a new layer of oversight for the Medicaid program. This bill requires the state Department of Health and Hospitals to consult with an advisory group of doctors to review any proposed clinical rules in the health-care program for the poor. The advisory group would also be consulted to aid in decisions made by state officials in where to use state funding.


-Requires the creation of an 8 member physician advisory group, the Louisiana Physician Advisory Group, to review rules and regulations regarding patient care. The group would meet at least 4 times per year (Sec. 2). -Requires the advisory group to review any proposed rule or emergency rule and prepare a report to send to the LA Department of Health and Hospitals (Sec. 2). -Requires LA Department of Health and Hospitals to state whether or not it agrees with the report, its reasoning, and whether or not any recommendations were adopted if it moves forward with the notice of intent (Sec. 2).