HB 889 - Tobacco Tax Increase - Louisiana Key Vote

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Title: Tobacco Tax Increase

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that raises taxes on the sale, use, consumption, handling and distribution of cigarettes, cigars, smoking and smokeless tobacco products thereby used to establish the Louisiana Healthier Families Fund.


-Places/Increases taxes upon the sale, use, consumption, handling, and distribution of all cigars (twelve percent of the invoice price for cigars less than one hundred twenty dollars per thousand and thirty percent for cigars more than one hundred twenty dollars per thousand), cigarettes (two and one half cents per cigarette in addition to preexisting taxes), smoking tobacco (forty-nine and one half percent of the invoice price) and smokeless tobacco (thirty percent of the invoice price) (Sec. 1). -Establishes the Louisiana Healthier Families Fund and directs the state treasurer to annually deposit revenues attained through abovementioned tax increases and outlines how the Fund shall use collected monies (Sec. 1).