AB 920 - Solar Power Energy Credit - California Key Vote


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Title: Solar Power Energy Credit

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that allows consumer generators of solar power to receive compensation or credit for surplus electricity produced.


-Allows all eligible commercial, industrial, and agricultural customer-generators who are net electricity producers over a normal billing cycle to carry over any excess kilowatt-hours to the following billing period as a monetary value (Sec. 1). -Mandates that at the end of each 12-month period wherein electricity generated by the customer-generator exceeds the electricity supplied by the electric utility, the customer-generator is a net surplus customer-generator (Sec. 1). -Requires the electric utility to either provide net surplus electricity compensation for any surplus electricity generated, or to allow the eligible customer-generator to apply the net surplus electricity as a credit for kilowatt-hours subsequently supplied by the electric utility (Sec. 1). -Requires the ratemaking authority to establish a net surplus electricity compensation valuation to compensate the net surplus customer-generator for the value of net surplus electricity generated, while ensuring that other ratepayers are not disadvantaged, by 01 January 2011 (Sec. 1).