HB 746 - Children's Health Care Insurance - Pennsylvania Key Vote

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Title: Children's Health Care Insurance

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that provides health care rate protection for small groups and establishes standards for the insurance industry.


-Exempts from the guidelines established in this bill are insurance groups that insure or administer health care coverage for less than 1% of the health insurance premiums in the state of Pennsylvania (Sec. 4203). -Requires insurers to set plans to at least the minimum benefits specified by the Insurance Department of the Commonwealth (Sec. 4204). -Applies to all small group health benefit plans issued, renewed, delivered or made effective after the effective date of this bill (Sec. 4204). -Establishes that the standard plans may not contain any preexisting condition exclusions (Sec. 4204). -Describes guidelines to insurers' premium rates for plans (Sec. 4206). -Establishes a minimum health benefit package for full-time public and private school college students in the state, and mandates that all college students must present evidence of health insurance coverage to their educational institution (Sec. 4207). -Defines a "member" as an individual person covered by a health benefit plan, an association or an out-of-State trust, as well as their dependents (Sec. 4209). -Permits groups of two or more small employers to form purchasing groups in order to collectively purchase a small group health benefit plan (Sec. 4211).