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W. Tom Sawyer, Jr.'s Biography

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Full Name:

W. Tom Sawyer, Jr.




Wife: Bonnie; 2 Children: Shannon, Patti

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Bangor, ME

Home City:

Bangor, ME



Unity College, 1996

BS, Denver University, 1972.

Attended, University of Maine, 1967-1970

Senator, Maine State Senate, 2000-2004

Candidate, Maine State Senate, District 32, 2004

Maine State Senate Candidate, 1992 &, 1994

Bangor City Council, 1986-1993

Mayor of Bangor, 1989

School Administrative District #22, 1982

Hampden Tax Appeals Board, 1980

Experience, Advisory Commission on Radioactive Waste & Decommissioning

Experience, State Planning Office Plastics Study Group

Experience, Study Commission for Unified Emergency Response for Emergency Releases and Toxic Spills

Investor/Partner, Bangor Historic Raceway, Incorporated, 1994-present

Investor/Partner, Turtle Head Marina, 1988-present

Past President/Chief Executive Officer, Eagle Equipment Company

Past President/Chief Executive Officer, Ellsworth Disposal

Past President/Chief Executive Officer, Sawyer Environmental Recovery Facilities

Past President/Chief Executive Officer, Sawyer Industrial Services

Past President/Chief Executive Officer, Sawyer Management Services

Past President/Chief Executive Officer, Truck-A-Way System

Investor/Partner, Sun Looks Incorporated, 1995-1999

Investor/Partner, Breakwater 1904 Inn, 1991-1998

Investor/Partner, Manor Management, Incorporated, 1991-1998

Investor/Partner, Southwest Harbor Boat Marina, 1989-1998

President/Treasurer, Sawyer Environmental, 1979-1996

President, Swayer Environmental Services, 1972-1996

Investor/Partner, The Tides Inn, 1989-1995

Maine Businesses for Social Responsibility, 2000-present

Thomas College, Environmental Management Advisory Board, 1996-present

Corporator, Phillips-Strickland Home, 1994-present

Member, Maine Audubon Sociey, 1992-present

Member, Maine Community Foundation Board, 1992-present

Mystic Lodge #65, AF and AM, 1990-present

Trustee, John Bapst Memorial High School Foundation, 1988-present

Downeast Friends of Jackson Lab, 1987-present

Member, Gyro Club of Bangor, 1986-present

Action Committee of Fifty, Incorporated, 1986-present

Corporator, Eastern Maine Medical Center, 1985-present

Member, United States Power Squadron, 1985-present

Anah Temple, 1983-present

Past President, Bangor Rotary

Trustee, Husson College

Chair, Jackson Lab Friends

Member, Maine Community Foundation Board

Member, Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

Experience, United Way

Trustee, Unity College

Member, University of Maine Selection Committee

Friends of Acadia, 1989-1999

Member, National Federation of Independent Businesses, 1985-1998

Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company, 1992-1998

Member, Penobscot Maritime Museum Board, 1994-1997

Maine Maritime Academy Baord of Visitors, 1993-1997

Maine Professional Drivers Association, 1994-1997

Member, National Rifle Association, 1992-1995

Blue Hill Rifle & Pistol Club, 1993-1995

Member, Bangor Educational Foundation, 1987-1994

Corporator, Maine Development Foundation, 1985-1994

Member, University of Maine Foundation, 1987-1994

American Management Association, 1986-1994

Corporator, Bangor Center Development Corporation, 1983-1993

Hampden Pistol Club, 1990-1993

Maine Economic Growth Council, 1993

Maine Chamber of Commerce, 1984-1985, 1988-1992

Advisory Board, Margaret Chase Smith Research Center, 1990-1992

Member, Natural Resources Council of Maine, 1988-1992

President, Young Men's Christian Association, 1986-1992

Detachable Container Association Board, 1986-1992

Chair, National Solid Waste Management Association, 1989-1991

Member, University of Maine Honorary Degrees Committee, 1990, 1991

Maine Municipal Association Legislative Policy Committee, 1986-1991

Member, Maine Solid Waste Management and Recycling Association, 1988-1990

Member, Maine Waste Industrial Association, 1988-1990

Member, Navy League, 1986-1990

Board, Tarratine Club of Bangor, 1986-1989

Board, Merrill Bankshares Bank, 1987-1988

Maine Blue Cross Blue Shield Board, 1977-1988

Foster Grandparent's Program Advisory Council, 1984-1988

Corporator, Bangor Savings Bank, 1985-1987

Board, Maine Motor Transport Association, 1984-1986

Member, Smoking Policy Committee of Eastern Maine Medical Center, 1986

Hampden Kiwanis Club, 1982-1986

Member, School Board Administrative District #22, 1980-1982

Bangor Jaycees, 1973-1977


Granvill B. John Award, School of Education, Denver University, 1972; Was graduated Cum Laude, Denver University; 1972; Outstanding Young Man Award, Bangor Jaycees, 1980; Newcomen Society Inductee, 1988; Honorary 'M' Club @ UMO, 1988; National SBA Entrepreneurial Success Award Recipient, 1990, National Small Business Administration Hall of Fame Inductee, 1990; Honorary Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Unity College, 1996; Legislative Champion Award, Maine Audubon Society, 2002; Elected Sigma Beta Delta, International Honor Society in Business Management & Admininistration, 2002; Hall of Fame Inductee, Bangor Young Men's Christian Association, 1997.

Current Car:

GEM electric car.

Favorite Author:

Alexis d'Toqueville & Ayn Rand.

Favorite Movie:

Bedknobs & Broomsticks.

Favorite President and Why:

Abraham Lincoln.

Favorite Quote:

"We Make A Living By What We Receive. We Make A Life By What We Contribute." -Winston Churchill
"If you don't change direction... you'll end up exactly where you're headed." -Maine Lobsterman

First Job:

Short order cook in family restaurant.

Hobbies or Special Talents:

Race car driver; sailboat racer; global cruiser; Prosumer photographer.

Personal Hero and Why:

Winston Churchill; Went from Butt to Hero and back to Butt in his lifetime.

Spouse's Occupation:

Retired Major in Army Nurse Corps.