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Sheila Simon's Biography

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Full Name:

Sheila Simon




Husband: Perry; 2 Children: Reilly, Brennan

Home City:

Carbondale, IL

JD, Georgetown University, 1987

Bachelors, University of Wittenberg, 1983

Candidate, Illinois State Comptroller, 2014

Lieutenant Governor, State of Illinois, 2010-2014

Member, Carbondale City Council, 2003-2007

Member, Illinois Reform Commission

Attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation

Faculty Member, Southern Illinois University School of Law

Staff Attorney, Domestic Violence Clinic, Southern Illinois University, 1998-2000

Prosecutor, Jackson County, 1994-1998

No organizational membership information on file.

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

We need a fiscal watchdog dedicated to fighting local corruption.

When more Illinoisans like you can follow their tax dollars and see how the state spends those dollars, we can make smarter decisions.

Most voters don't know the Office of Illinois Comptroller plays a significant role in monitoring local government spending, managing the state's finances, and ensuring information collected is reviewed. It's not just accounting, but accountability.

Illinois needs a Comptroller that doesn't simply talk about transparency, but lives it.

Almost every week, we learn about a new instance of local government corruption. Washington Park, Moro Township, and Dixon - where one local official is accused of stealing $53 million - are just a few examples of the corruption that has become all too common.
Most voters don't know the Office of Illinois Comptroller plays a significant role in monitoring local government spending. I will make sure that this office plays an aggressive role in monitoring and assisting local governments with financial overview.
Your support is needed to take Illinois in a new direction.

The state you and I love is facing serious financial challenges. It's time we stop just talking and start taking action. We need to shine a light on state and local spending, and we need to take every opportunity to prevent corruption. With your vote and support, together we can build a government that earns our trust.