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Pete Buttigieg's Biography

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U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue, Southeast
Washington, 20590

Full Name:

Peter 'Pete' Buttigieg




Husband: Chasten

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

South Bend, IN

Home City:

South Bend, IN



BA, Philosophy/Politics/Economics, Oxford University, 2005-2007

BA, History and Literature, Harvard University, 2000-2004

Secretary, United States Department of Transportation, 2021-present

Mayor, City of South Bend, Indiana, 2012-2020

Candidate, President of the United States, 2020

Nominated by President-elect Joe Biden, Secretary, United States Department of Transportation, December, 2020

Candidate, Indiana State Treasurer, 2010

Fellow, Truman National Security Project, 2005-present

Lieutenant, United States Navy Reserve, 2009-2017

Associate, McKinsey & Company, 2007-2010

Advisor, Hoosiers for Jill Long Thompson for Governor, 2008

Conference Director, The Cohen Group, 2004-2005

Research Director (Arizona), John Kerry for President, 2004

Intern, NBC 5 News, 2003

Intern, Jill Long Thompson for Congress, 2002

Chair, Automation and the Impacts on America's Cities Task Force, United States Conference of Mayors, present

Board Member, Truman National Security Project, present

Board Member, United States Conference of Mayors, present

Co-Founder, Democratic Renaissance Project

President, Harvard Institute of Politics

Former President, Indiana Urban Mayors Caucus

Former President, Northern Indiana Mayors Roundtable

Performer, South Bend Symphony Orchestra


New Frontier Award (John F. Kennedy Library Foundation & Harvard University Institute of Politics, 2015)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Awards (U.S. Department of Transportation Mayors' Challenge, 2016)
Joint Service Commendation Medal

Pets (include names):

2 Dogs: Truman, Buddy