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Rick Miller's Biography

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Full Name:

DF 'Rick' Miller




Wife: Treanne; 3 Children (1 deceased)

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Hagerstown, MD

Home City:

Sugar Land, TX



MS, National Resource Strategy, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1994-1995

BS, United States Naval Academy, 1964-1968

Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, District 26, 2013-2021

Candidate, Texas State House of Representatives, District 26, 2018

Former Member, Appropriations Committee, Texas State House of Representatives

Former Member, Human Services Committee, Texas State House of Representatives

Former Member, Public Health Committee, Texas State House of Representatives

Former Vice Chair, Resolutions Calendars Committee, Texas State House of Representatives

Former Vice Chair, Subcommittee on Article I, IV & V, Texas State House of Representatives

Former Member, Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Resiliency & Invest, Texas State House of Representatives

Founder/President, TrevanionGroup, Limited Liability Company, 2001-present

Former Senior Fellow, CNO Strategic Studies Group

Former Employee, Comfort Systems USA

Special Assistant, Joint Chiefs Staff, Pentagon

Former Employee, Mercuri Urval

Employee, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Former Chair, TEC International

Captain, United States Navy

Player, United States Olympic Exhibition Baseball Team, 1968

Former Member, Board of Directors, Rotary

Former Member, Finance Committee, Sugar Creek Baptist Church

Co-Founder, Innovative Leadership Partners

Former Member, Policy Board, Sugar Land Regional Airport

Alternate Delegate, At-Large, Republican National Convention, 2012

Chair, Fort Bend County Republican Party, 2007-2011

Chair, Honoring America's Heroes, 2011

Chair, Rotary Veterans Tribute, 2005, 2007


Defense Superior Service Award
Legion of Merit (3 awards)
Meritorious Service Award (2 awards)
Navy Commendation Award.

Number of Grandchildren:


Priority Issues:

The following are my legislative priorities at this time:

Life and traditional American family values -- Champion conservative family values that includes a total pro-life and faith-based foundation.
Conservative principles that support the Founders' Intent of less government, lower taxes, and individual responsibility, while supporting a strong pro-business environment with limited government intervention and regulation. Includes a serious review to reduce property taxes and appraisal values.
Choice in education founded in traditional American values, history and exceptionalism. Purge common core and C-SCOPE curriculums while continuing to reform the public education system.
State sovereignty with a strong focus on legal immigration, border security and the elimination of sanctuary cities.
Fiscally conservative, transparent budget, factored on population growth and inflation, with "zero-based" budgeting for all funded government agencies and operating entities. Eliminate all deferrals of fees and taxes collected.
Texas will only be as great as the infrastructure that we create to help it grow. This includes water, roads, energy and establishing an exceptional business environment that will continue to attract people and businesses to Texas.
Strongest support of the Constitution, including a focus on the 2nd Amendment.
An unfailing commitment to our Veterans and 1st Responders.
Elimination of all unfunded mandates.