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Larry Hogan, Jr.'s Biography

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Full Name:

Larry Hogan, Jr.




Wife: Yumi; 3 Children: Julie, Jaymi, Kim

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Washington, D.C.

Home City:

Edgewater, MD



Bachelor's, Political Science, Florida State University, 1974-1978

Governor, State of Maryland, 2014-2023

Candidate, Governor of Maryland, 2018

Founder/President/Chief Executive Officer, Hogan Companies, 1985-present

Secretary of Appointments, Maryland State Cabinet, 2003-2007

Founder, Change Maryland, 2011-present

Co-Chair, Bipartisan Citizen Referendum to Reform County Government

Chair, Chesapeake Executive Council

Chair, Citizens for America

Chair, National Governors Association

Member, Reagan Bush Inaugural Committee

Delegate, Republican National Convention

President, Young Republicans

Chair, Youth For Reagan

Father's Name:

Lawrence J. Hogan, Sr.

Father's Occupation:

United States Congressman

Names of Grandchildren:


Number of Grandchildren:


Reason for Seeking Public Office:

I didn't decide to run for governor out of a desire to BE something. I decided to run because I felt an obligation that I needed to DO something.

I am not a professional politician. I am a small businessman and a lifelong Marylander who is completely fed-up with politics as usual.

The people of Maryland deserve a real, clear choice for a change, and that is exactly what we plan to give them.

This election for governor is not your typical fight between Republicans and Democrats, it's much more important than that. This election is a fight for Maryland's future, and it's a fight worth fighting.

Over the last eight years, the O'Malley-Brown administration has crushed the middle class with record tax increases that we don't need, don't want, and simply cannot afford.

We've seen our state hemorrhaging jobs, job creators, and taxpayers at an alarming rate with no discernable response or action from the politicians in Annapolis.

As I travel the state and listen to the concerns of a great many Marylanders from all walks of life, the common theme I hear from them every day is frustration. People everywhere see a real disconnect between the politicians in Annapolis and the rest of Maryland.

Our focus is on the issues that unite Marylanders from all backgrounds and political parties: jobs, middle class families, and restoring our economy.

As governor, I will work to get the government off our backs and out of our pockets, so we can grow the private sector, put people back to work, and turn our economy around.

Spouse's Occupation:

Artist; teacher