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Dana Criswell's Biography


Contact Information

Room 400-F
Post Office Box 1018
Jackson, MS 39215

Post Office Box 1321
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Full Name:

Dana Criswell




Wife: Julie; 5 Children

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Pascagoula, MS

Home City:

Olive Branch, MS



MEd, Educational Leadership and Administration, University of Louisiana at Monroe, 1986-1988

MCA, Commercial Aviation, Delta State University, 1983-1985

Representative, Mississippi State House of Representatives, District 6, 2016-present

Candidate, Mississippi State House of Representatives, District 6, 2015, 2019

Former Vice Chair, Constitution Committee, Mississippi State House of Representatives

Former Member, Education Committee, Mississippi State House of Representatives

Former Member, Judiciary A Committee, Mississippi State House of Representatives

Former Member, Technology Committee, Mississippi State House of Representatives

Former Member, Tourism Committee, Mississippi State House of Representatives

Former Member, Transportation Committee, Mississippi State House of Representatives

Federal Firearms Dealer, Mississippi Gun Sales, 2014-present

Owner/Editor/Writer, Mississippi Guns News, 2013-present

Pilot/Captain/Pilot Instructor, FedEx, 1998-present

Former Training Officer/Pilot, Mississippi Civil Air Patrol

Former Officer, Pacagoula County Sheriff's Auxiliary

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor/Professor of Aviation, Delta State University, 1994-1998

Pilot, American Eagle Airlines, 1988-1994

Member, Airline Pilot's Association (ALPA), 2001-present

Member, Desoto County Conservative Coalition, present

Member, Getwell Road Church, Southaven, present

Member, National Association for Gun Rights, present

Member, National Rifle Association (NRA), present

Member, Security and Safety Team, Getwell Road Church, present

Member, SouthPoint Church, present

Former Member, Alpha Eta Rho

Former Member, National Intercollegiate Flying Association

Priority Issues:

For years I have watched our freedoms and liberties slowly erode as our elected officials remain quiet. It is time for us to take a stand and regain the power and control our constitution gives us as citizens. I have a strong record as a defender of our Second Amendment, if elected I will take that same energy and the voice of my fellow Mississippians to the State Capitol.

I will work to;

*Repeal Common Core
*Establish a Parent's Bill of Rights
*Let Teachers Teach
*Keep Olive Branch Safe
*Defend Our Constitutional Rights

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

As a political novice beginning a political campaign is a daunting challenge. Making the decision to run for office was in itself a scary proposition.

Over two years ago I embarked on a mission to do what I could to make a positive change in the State of Mississippi. Like many others I had watched politics and politicians from a distance generally being satisfied to complain to friends and family, send a couple of dollars to organizations like the NRA and then returning to my every day life. But with the election of Barrack Obama and the Republican's lack of ability to stop him from destroying the basic freedoms our nation enjoys, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to get involved.

I began by researching and learning what the constitution and the law actually says. Obama's push for more gun-control led me to begin my education with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and then to the Constitution of the State of Mississippi. I quickly became enraged at the blatant disregard our politicians exhibited for our basic rights and freedoms.

I started Mississippi Gun News as a way to help myself and my family keep up with important laws and news about gun rights. It quickly grew to include other writers and gained a following of daily readers that reached across the state and even across the country. Today, Mississippi Gun News has nearly 2000 daily readers from around the country.

When I was first approached by others to run for a political office my reaction was, "No absolutely NOT, I am not a politician, I don't like politicians, I do NOT want to be a politician," and I still hold to that very emphatically. But, with a lot of discussion with my wife and family, a whole lot of praying and fasting (maybe a little bit of fasting) I eventually came to the conclusion that I had to either put up or shut up about my desire to change the direction of our state and country.

So here I am, I do NOT want to be a politician and I do NOT like politics. But I am running for a political office. So why am I here? Because I believe its time that we step up and make the sacrifice to save our freedoms. If normal folks don't, and we leave our government to the professional career politicians we are going to lose this great state and nation to those who prefer big government and limited freedom.

I'm here because it's my turn, in four years it will be your turn.