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Cheri Jahn's Biography

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Full Name:

Cheri E. Jahn




3 Children

Home City:

Wheat Ridge, CO

Graduated, Paralegal Studies, Community College of Denver, 1998-2003

Senator, Colorado State Senate, District 20, 2011-2019

Representative, Colorado State House of Representatives, District 24, 2001-2009

Speaker Pro Tempore, Colorado State House of Representatives, 2008

Former Vice Chair, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, Colorado State Senate

Former Member, Business, Labor and Technology Committee, Colorado State Senate

Founding Member, Fitzsimons Nursing Home Task Force and Advisory Board

Former Member, Legislative Audit Committee, Colorado State Senate

Owner/Operator, Colorado Housekeeping, LLC

Owner, Colorado Housekeeping Services

Member, Accountability Committee, Everitt Middle School, Colorado

Volunteer, High School Accountability Committee

Co-Chair, Jefferson County Schools District Accountability Committee

Member, Parent Teacher Association, Stevens Elementary, Colorado

Volunteer, Victim Advocates Services