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Bennie Ferguson's Biography

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Full Name:

Bennie 'Ben' Lee Ferguson




Divorced; 1 Child: David

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Hutchinson, KS

Home City:

Hutchinson, KS



Attended, History, Wichita State University, 2007

BA, General Studies, Wichita State University, 2001

AA, Hutchinson Community College, Hutchinson, KS, 1998

AA, Richland Community College, Dallas, TX, 1974

Candidate, Kansas House of Representatives, District 104, 2010

Candidate, Kansas House of Representatives, District 104, 2008

Candidate, United States President, 2008

Candidate, Kansas State House of Representatives, District 101, 2004

School Board Candidate, USD #310, 2002, 2003

Student Council Member, Hutchinson Community College, 1972

Student Council President, Partridge High School, 1969

Chair, Log Cabin Republican Committee, 2000-2002

Entertainer, Ben Ferguson Band, 2007

Security Officer, Burns, 2004

Security Officer, Pinkerton, 2000-2004

Security Officer, Wells Fargo, 2000-2004

Security Officer, Securitas, 1990-2003

Security Officer, Continental Security, 1988-1990

Journalist, Performance Magazine, 1978-1988

Journalist, Buddy Magazine, 1973-1978

Chair, Fergusian Security Council, 2007

Member, Republican National Committee, 2003

Member, National Rifle Association, 2002


Dean's Honor Roll, Wichita State University, 1998-2000
Fergusian Legion of Honor (Retroactive), 1997.

Current Car:

1998 Oldsmobile Regency

Father's Name:

Basil Lee Ferguson

Father's Occupation:

U.S. Air Force/Aerospace Engineer

Favorite Actor/Actress:

William Shatner, Kevin Branaugh.

Favorite Athlete:

Derek Jeter

Favorite Author:

J. R. R. Tolkien

Favorite Book:

The Lord of the Rings, 1984.

Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:


Favorite Movie:

"The Meaning of Life," "The Crying Game," "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Favorite Musician:

Keith Richards

Favorite President and Why:

Ronald Reagan. Reagan's active opposition to international communism contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Favorite Quote:

"So ancient is the desire of one another implanted in us reuniting our original nature, seeking to make one of two... Each of us... is always looking for his other half" - Aristophanes

Favorite Sport:


Favorite TV Shows:

"Becker," "Bob Newhart Show," "Star Trek"

Favorite Type of Music:

Rock and Roll/Blues/Space/New Age/Classical

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Favorite Websites:,,

First Car:

1957 Chevrolet

First Job:

Service Station Attendant, 1969.

Hobbies or Special Talents:

Cross Dressing, Micropatology, Singer/Songwriter.

Mother's Name:

Alberta Faye Zongker

Mother's Occupation:


Name one thing you would most like to do before you die:

I have lived in or visited North America, Asia, and Europe. I would like to visit South America, Australia, Antarctica, and Africa, as well as experiencing a flight into space.

Personal Hero and Why:

Keith Richards. Keith is the personification of rock and roll. Rock and roll is an important part of my life.

Person Most Want to Meet (Dead or Alive):

Jesus. Since this person (if he actually lived) is so fundamentally associated with the basic underpinnings of western civilization, it would be fascinating to know what he actually intended.

Pets (include names):

Cat, Punkin

Priority Issues:

Military and diplomatic success in the Persian Gulf, Eliminating the inordinate influence of international Zionism on the American government and media, Eliminating financial and military aid to Israel, Preservation and maintenance of basic rights and liberties, Maintenance of national security and a robust defense posture, Space exploration, Separation of church and state


Buddy Magazine, Dallas, Texas, 1973-2003
Performance Magazine, Fort Worth, Texas, 1978-1988

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

Preservation of basic American civil rights and liberties, Maintenance of national security and a robust defense posture, Promotion of cultural tolerance through example.