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Stan Rosenberg's Biography

Contact Information

No contact information available.

Full Name:

Stanley 'Stan' C. Rosenberg




Domestic Partner: Bryon Hefner

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Revere, MA

Home City:

Amherst, MA



BA, Community Development/Arts Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1977

Senator, Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate, District Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester, 1991-2018

President, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate, 2015-2017

President Pro Tempore, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate, 2003-2015

First Assistant Majority Leader, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate, 1999-2002

Representative, Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1987-1991

Member, Foster Kid Caucus, present

Member, Massachusetts Democratic State Committee, present

Member, Legislature's Dairy Revitalization Task Force, 2007-2008

Co-Chair, Task Force on Public Higher Education, 2004

Chairman, State Redistricting Committee, 2000

Director, Arts Extension Service/Community Development and Human Service Programs, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

District Director, United States Representative Chester Atkins, 1985-1986

Staff Member, Massachusetts Democratic Party, 1983-1985

Aide, State Senator, John Oliver, 1980-1983

No organizational membership information on file.

Hobbies or Special Talents:

In his spare time he enjoys gardening, reading, traveling, languages, and cooking -- especially his "famous" tomato sauce.