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Robert Devore, Jr.'s Biography

On The Ballot: Running, Republican for State House (KY) - District 46

Contact Information


8223 Rochelle Road
Louisville, KY 40228
Phone: 502-291-5372

8131 Eagle Crest Court
Louisville, KY 40291
Phone: 502-619-8877

Full Name:

Robert 'Bob' L. Devore, Jr.




Wife: Donna; 2 Children: Maria, Ashley

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Cleveland, OH

Home City:

Louisville, KY



Attended, Fern Creek High School, 1971-1974

Candidate, Commonwealth of Kentucky House of Representatives, District 46, 2010, 2020

Candidate, Mayor, City of Louisville, 2014, 2018

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, Kentucky, District 3, 2008, 2012, 2016

Candidate, Commonwealth of Kentucky Senate, District 16, 2006

Former Food Service Manager, Pine Knot Job Corps Center

Dock Lead Manager/Wellness Champion, United Parcel Service, 2007-2017

Served, United States Navy, 1974-1999

Volunteer Coordinator, BeeHive Homes Assisted Living of Louisville Memory Care, 2018-present

President/Junior Vice President/Chaplain, Fleet Reserve Association, 2008-present

Member, National Rifle Association, present

Member, McCreary County School Board, 2000-2006

Deacon, Glade Road Baptist Church, 1995-1999

Commander, Post 304, The American Legion, 1990-1999

Priority Issues:

Bob Devore Jr.
US Congress 3rd District

Over Taxed:
Taxed at least 30% or more
A. City
B. State
C. Federal
D. all other stupid taxes
Congress needs to be accountable for what they are spending and the additional ear marks added to the budget. Tax system needs to be simplified. The present federal tax code system can be replaced with the fair tax system. In turn the tax payers will keep most of their money instead of government taking more tax money from you and me.
English as Primary language:
A. communicate job expectations
B work safety
C. internal job promotions
86% of American's want English as their primary language. In business the employee needs to know business expectation in the area of job performance and safety. If a person does not have the communication skills in reading, writing and oral communication, then how are they going to be able to read operation manuals or written instructions?
Social Security System:
A. separates the Social Security System from federal budget
B. keeps greedy politicians from touching it
C. let the Social Security System grow and mature.
In years to come most American's are afraid the Social Security money will not be there when they retire. They want some type of safekeeping that the money will be there when they stop working. The first thing that needs to be done is separate the Social Security System independent from federal budget Therefore, the money will be able grow and mature. By keeping the Social Security system independent, so traditional politicians can not miss use the social security system as a way to pay for unnecessary ear markers placed in to the current federal operating budget.

Paid by Devore for US Congress

Robert DeVore Jr. for US Congressman 3rd district Candidate. I am in support of implementation of the Fair Tax plan H.R 25 and S. 1025, to rejuvenate our economic system. The market will explode with tremendous job opportunities, in the areas of new or present businesses in the United States. If there were no capital gains tax, the 12 trillion dollars in off shore accounts will be brought back to this country to be used in capital investments. Companies from other countries would build their factories and devote large amounts of capital investments to this country if we implement the fair tax system. We would be able to compete with other nations in producing high quality products. Therefore, you and I will be able to keep most of our money from our payroll checks (there is an exception where state income will be applied). The job market would be flooded with highly skilled employment opportunities. The unemployment will be in the low single digits and by utilizing the Fair tax system, the following list of items will be no more.

1. No payroll taxes
2. No Federal taxes
3. No self-employment taxes
4. No capital gains taxes
5. No gift or estate taxes
6. No alternative minimum taxes
7. No corporate taxes
8. No payroll withholdings
9. No personal tax forms
10. No personal business income tax record keeping
11. No personal income tax filing at all
12. No taxes on pensions or Social Security Checks
13. The repeal of the 16th Amendment

No more IRS Internal Revenue Service.
The Federal tax code system has at least 67000 pages vs. Fair tax system 133 pages. Who pays taxes? You and I will through consumption tax in the products we buy. No hidden taxes, the consumption tax will be on the receipt. We, the American people, need to take back our buying power and control from the power hungry old politicians who want to throw money into a never ending sink hole called the federal tax system. For more information on the fair tax system go to: www.FairTax.org. I am using this information for educational purpose only. This is not a campaign endorsement from Fair tax org, which is none a profit organization.

Paid by US, Congressman Candidate Robert DeVore Jr.