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Don Rivers' Biography

Contact Information

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Full Name:

Donovan 'Don' L. Rivers




2 Children: Erika, Shavonna

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Detroit, MI

Home City:

Seattle, WA



Attended, Economics, Green River Community College, 1989

Candidate, Governor of Washington, 2020

Candidate, United States Senate, 2018

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, Washington, District 7, 2016

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 9, 2014

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 7, 2012

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 7, 2010

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 7, 2008

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 7, 2006

Candidate, Councilmember, City of Kent, 1997

Co-Founder/ Chief Executive Offier, Rivers and Associates Business Resource and Technology Center, 2000-present

Inspector, King County Metro, present

Executive Director, Quality Computer Supply and Services, present

Executive Director, Quality Computer Supply and Services, present

Co-Founder, Rivers and Associates Business Resource and Technology

Founder, Urban Enterprises Mentorship Organization, 1992

Community Outreach, City of Kent, 1990

Former Employee, Pay n Save Corporation, 1975-1980

Pastor, Oneness Christian Center, present

Founder, All About Women Foundation

Chief Executive Officer/Founder/Advisor, Apostolic Clergy Advisory Council Bridging the Gaps Coalition

Founder/Executive Director, Area Business Center for Development and Economics Incorporated

Founder, Body of Christ Organizational Churches to God

Member, Bridging the Gaps Coalition

Co-Founder, Clergy and Chaplain's

Chief Executive Officer/Founder, International All Clergy All Community Advisory Council Liaison, City of Kent

Member, Kent Community Foundation

Member, King County Youth Chaplain's Executive Board

Advisor, Martha Choe for Seattle City Council Position 2

Board Member, National Association for Blacks in Criminal Justice

Pastor, Oneness Christian Center, present

Member, Protect the Children Foundation

Founder/Executive Director, Stay Focus Inside/Out Training Center and Consulting Services

Founder, Washington State Council of Justice Leadership Conference

Delegate, President Obama, 2008

Director, Seattle Police Department, African American Community Advisory Council, 2004-2008

Attended, Criticism and Discipline Skills at American Management Association, 1999

Member, Community Outreach, City of Kent, 1990

Attended, Magement at the Office of Personnel Management at the San Francisco Regional Training Center, 1990

Attended, Self Discipline and Emotional Control Career Track Seminars for Successful People, 1990

Community Outreach Leader, Mayor Norman B. Rice Campaign, 1989


2016 B.U.I.L.D. for 37 years of community activism. Recognition for sufer to buy program former Secretary of Education Rod Paige. Requisition and oversight from Secretary of Education Ernie Duncan on oversight of 8.6 billion dollars contracted on Ward 4 race to the top program. Ambassador for peace award given at the White House 4 International World Peace advisor. Certificate of recognition for establishing the first small business incubator program for the state of Washington given by former Governor Booth Gardner. Recognition from Ron Sims former King County executive for saving King County Criminal Justice System 2.5 million dollars per year. Contractual award from former Governor Gary Locke and King County Executive for renovating and revising Youth Center for a no bars open window policy that was more adequate for employees and for the Youth. Recognition award for advisory for wounded veterans for Community advice and counseling how to better serve our veterans. Washington State Patrol and Bremerton Police Department's for Community leadership and peaceful activism

Favorite President and Why:

I have two favorite Presidents one being President Obama. He taken on a job that not one person right now would consider doing knowing the many challenges and battles that he had to conquer and endure while trying to be our commander in chief in order to answer and provide services for the American people that was best fit for the American people. We now know since he's been our president he has been able to take a time of unprecedent peace and when our country was in trillions of dollars in debt and create an calling for Americans to embrace the world's diversity and the urgency for all Americans to be the example of freedom fighters for all people around the world. We are all part of the global community of humanity. I spent a life time as an Ambasssor Of peace too many sumitts from N.and S Korea,Russia,Israel, Gaza Strip,China just to name a few and the mist important thing that I have learned and will pass on to my grandchildren is to accept people for who they are and always know the value of peace and have a true form of appreciation for every living person. At the time when President Obama was elected he inherited this country,s long time history of social injustices,diversity ,unemployment and non existing health coverage an economic climate and the urgency to address our environmental renewable energy . He understand the disappointment for many hard working Americans who now watch their 401's turn into 201's as one prospective and that is we are all in this together. My second to none most favorite President is Franklin D Roosevelt. Epimany example of courage he was able to foresee many if the problems that our nation face today. From Social Service to banking reform in basic human rights to provide a roof for your family to live in peace to have Medical coverage. I will take with me to congress with me one of the many great gifts that President Roosevelt have given this great nation of ours and that's the Second Bill Of Rights and the most important words to me in the United States Constitution "We the People"

Favorite Quote:

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
Ghandi (Candidate Submitted 2016)

All are included no ones Excluded unless you Exclude yourself

Priority Issues:

I'm pretty sure I'm the only candidate that have dealt with Bridges and trying to have better Communications between minority communities and law enforcement I know a lot of great police officers that believe the same way and just like any agency there's always bad apples and we have to get rid of them. I cannot believe that this day and time this is still a matter when we do not know how to treat each other in this Global community of humanity. That's why I pledge to keep Jim McDermott on for 6 months as my advisor to make sure that we do not lose any of the incentives and great programs that he has worked on for Washington State and for the United States of America. Everybody in America deserves a fair chance of race of life we cannot allow politics to divide this great country anymore we all have to take individual responsibility of having a change of heart Times Like These we have to have leaders and officials that is willing to bring this great country together and not apart not Americans against Americans unity and getting things done will be my first priority.

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

I believe that I
will make the most effective congressman because it is community leaders,service men and women and innovators and entrepreneurs whom make the most loyal public servants. I will carry with me to congress the three L's, I have always made part of my experiences of accepting the importance of allowing open dialog.
Listen,learn and then help by lead. I have a strong commitment to being a public servant. My duty and passion for policy making. And legislative enactment to protect and preserves our natural resources.the eniment threat of Isis. I have years experience an open dialogue with our foreign Neighbors. o fortied Medicare,social security,reform Washington. State,s taxes,health care and Education and its self-enlightenment process. Protecting private property. owners. This a important investment the citizens make for their families and their future. Washington state is now ready to send a different kind of congressman because of our unique diversity and our unwillingness to wait for the rest if the world to get on board with our leadership in renewable natural resources our push for social injustices we the people of Washington State is finally ready to send a candidate that is loyal to fair and a just balance. My compassion and self sacrifice to become Washington State's next 7th district Congressman comes easy to me. We need to send a person that will not forget why the voters elected them.