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Jack Dalrymple's Biography

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Full Name:

Jack Dalrymple




Wife: Betsy; 4 Children

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Minneapolis, MN

Home City:

Casselton, ND

BA, American Studies, Yale University, 1970

Governor, State of North Dakota, 2010-2016

President, North Dakota State Senate, 2000-2010

Lieutenant Governor, State of North Dakota, 2000-2010

Appointed, Governor, State of North Dakota, December 2010

Representative, North Dakota House of Representatives, 1985-2000

Former Chair, Appropriations Committee, North Dakota House of Representatives

Member, Casselton Economic Development Committee

Member, Casselton Jobs Development Commission

Former Chair, Governor's Commission, Education Improvement

Founder, Dakota Growers Pasta Company

Chair, North Dakota Trade Office

Former Chair, Board of Directors, Dakota Growers Pasta Company

Director, Golden Growers Cooperative

Member, Jaycees

Board Member, North Dakota State University Development Foundation

Founder, Share House Incorporated

Director, United Spring Wheat Processors

Board Member, United States Chamber of Commerce

Director, United States Durum Growers Association