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Doanita Simmons' Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)


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Unknown Position: Candidate refused to address this issue, or we could not infer an answer for this candidate despite exhaustive research of their public record.

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Doanita Simmons has provided voters with clear stances on key issues by responding to the 2016 Political Courage Test.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Missouri Congressional Election 2016 Political Courage Test

Pro-life Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?
No In order to balance the budget, do you support reducing defense spending?
No In order to balance the budget, do you support an income tax increase on any tax bracket?
Yes Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?
Yes Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes?
Yes Do you support alternatives to incarceration for certain non-violent offenders such as mandatory counseling or substance abuse treatment?
Yes Do you support mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders?
I support capital punishment as long as it is applied evenly without prejudice.
No Do you support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?
Yes Do you support lowering taxes as a means of promoting economic growth?
Yes Do you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation?
Unknown Position Do you generally support requiring states to adopt federal education standards?
Yes Do you support building the Keystone XL pipeline?
Yes Do you support government funding for the development of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, thermal)?
Yes Do you support increased regulations on the hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") industry?
No Do you believe that human activity is contributing to climate change?
No Do you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?
Yes Do you generally support gun-control legislation?
I support the legislation that requires a license to carry and the requirement to purchase fire arms but I do not support a ban on firearms.
Yes Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare")?
I support the repeal because it was forced upon us. The government should not be in the medical/insurance business.
Unknown Position Do you support requiring immigrants who are unlawfully present to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship?
No Do you support same-sex marriage?
No Should the U.S use military force in order to prevent governments hostile to the United States from possessing a nuclear weapon?
Unknown Position Do you support increased American intervention in Iraq and Syria beyond air support?
No Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?

SpendingIndicate what federal spending levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.TaxesIndicate what federal tax levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.

Greatly Increase a) Agriculture
Maintain Status b) Arts
Greatly Increase c) Defense
Eliminate d) Education
Maintain Status e) Environment
Greatly Increase f) Homeland Security
Slightly Decrease g) International aid
Slightly Increase h) Medical Research
Greatly Increase i) Scientific Research
Greatly Increase j) Space exploration
Greatly Decrease k) United Nations
Maintain Status l) Welfare
m) Other or expanded categories
Maintain Status a) Capital gains taxes
Slightly Decrease b) Corporate taxes
Maintain Status c) Small business taxes
Slightly Increase d) Excise taxes (alcohol)
Slightly Increase e) Excise taxes (cigarettes)
Slightly Decrease f) Excise taxes (transportation fuel)
Eliminate g) Income taxes (low-income families)
Maintain Status h) Income taxes (middle-income families)
Slightly Increase i) Income taxes (high-income families)
Maintain Status j) Inheritance taxes
Maintain Status k) Payroll taxes
l) Other or expanded categories

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