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Tom Malinowski's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)

Office: U.S. House (NJ) - District 7, Democratic


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Tom Malinowski has failed to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2018 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart and voters like you.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2018.

  • "Fight for Planned Parenthood and the continuation of its crucial services in New Jersey and around the country, while vigorously opposing policies that restrict women’s access to contraceptives and abortive care." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "I'm proud to have the support of NARAL Pro-Choice America members and share their belief that reproductive rights are human rights." (www.facebook.com)
  • "Tom Malinowski. Results. For a change. Tom Malinowski has a lifetime of public service and will put the focus back on New Jersey – making healthcare affordable, making taxes fairer for the middle class, and demanding Gateway. #MalinowskiForNJ" (twitter.com)
  • "The Trump Republican tax cuts help the wealthiest and big corporations. They can only be paid for by cutting programs like Social Security. I’ll fight those cuts and stand strong for NJ middle class families. #MalinowskiForNJ #FlipThe7th" (twitter.com)
  • "Trump can’t ask Merkel to pay more for NATO if he won’t fund the UN. Burden sharing is about more than military spending." (twitter.com)
  • "I strongly support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen United, making clear that corporations are not people and do not have a right to spend unlimited funds to elect the candidates of their choice." (malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Fight for funding for the roads, tunnels and bridges that we need in New Jersey, instead of wasting it on boondoggles like Trump’s border wall." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Work to repeal the Republican tax bill, and replace it with tax reform that simplifies and lowers rates for everyone, that cuts special interest loopholes rather than deductions that help the middle class, and that doesn’t explode our national debt. A great New Jersey Senator, Bill Bradley, worked with Ronald Reagan to pass that kind of tax reform 30 years ago, and we can do it again." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • Despite exhaustive research, Vote Smart was unable to find information about this candidate's position.
  • "Support policies that protect our air and water, and incentivize the green technologies on which our future jobs depend." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Fight to stop the PennEast Pipeline, and require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to get more public input before approving pipeline projects and measure environmental impact in a more rigorous way." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Fight climate change rather than denying it, and encourage the federal government to work with states to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Support policies that protect our air and water, and incentivize the green technologies on which our future jobs depend." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Experience and common sense tell us that measures such as banning military-style assault rifles and high capacity magazines, universal background checks, limiting ammunition purchases, 'red flag' laws that allow law enforcement agencies to seize guns from people who show signs of violence, and encouraging development of safer gun technology can save lives." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Sensible gun reforms like universal background checks and reinstating the assualt weapons bans are not big asks to keep our kids safe at school." (www.facebook.com)
  • "It's time to pass common sense gun safety laws, reinstate the assault weapons ban, and get gun money out of politics." (www.facebook.com)
  • "Support adding a public option to the ACA, so consumers have more choices and competition keeps costs down." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Defend the ACA mandate for contraceptive coverage and funding for women’s health, which upholds the dignity and equality of all Americans, and has contributed to a historic decline in teen birth rates." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Fight to pass legislation to ensure we preserve protections for preexisting conditions and the government meets its obligations under the ACA, so that our insurance rates don’t skyrocket, and insist that Trump meet his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the health care law." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "I have fought for human rights all my life, and I believe that affordable health care is a basic right of all Americans." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Fight for funding for the roads, tunnels and bridges that we need in New Jersey, instead of wasting it on boondoggles like Trump’s border wall." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "I want law enforcement in my community focusing on violent crime & property crime. Criminalizing marijuana possession does nothing to ease real problems of addiction to dangerous drugs in our country." (twitter.com)
  • "I believe the United States must continue to stand by Israel, and that we should work with our allies to maintain pressure on Iran to dismantle its nuclear program, while increasing pressure to stop Iran’s support for terrorism and missile development." (malinowskifornj.com)
  • "I will urge deterrence, sanctions and diplomacy to achieve the denuclearization of North Korea" (malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Urge deterrence, sanctions and diplomacy to counter North Korea, and make sure we keep funding an effort that I ran at the State Department to spread information to the North Korean people – instead of making reckless threats that could trigger an unnecessary war." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "Support strict enforcement of the Iran nuclear deal and working with our allies to strengthen it; tearing it up would simply isolate us and benefit Iran." (www.malinowskifornj.com)
  • "In September 2013, after Syrian forces murdered more than a thousand innocent civilians in a chemical weapons attack, I went up to Capitol Hill to plead with every member of Congress I knew to support President Obama’s request to authorize strikes against the Syrian regime." (www.facebook.com)
  • "We should respond to the latest chemical massacre in Syria not with a single, symbolic military strike, but with a policy centered on protection of the Syrian people. We should make clear, with our allies, a readiness to respond to any further mass attacks on civilians with strikes against the Syrian regime’s weapons and military installations. And we should leverage that resolve to support a renewed diplomatic push to end the war, or at least reduce the carnage." (www.facebook.com)

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