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Robert Hurt's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)


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Robert Hurt has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2014 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2014.

  • Robert Hurt. H Amdt 95. 112th Congress. Prohibiting Use of Federal Funds For Planned Parenthood. Robert Hurt voted Yea on 02/18/2011. (
  • Robert Hurt. Issue Position: Life and Marriage. 7 October 2011. "I believe that life begins at the moment of conception, and thus oppose abortion." (
  • Robert Hurt. HR 3. 112th Congress. Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding of Abortion. Robert Hurt voted Yea on 05/04/2011. (
  • Robert Hurt. Tom Perriello is the Most Vulnerable Democrat in Congress. 26 July 2010. "Congressional Democrats are now threatening to further raise taxes [¦] We know that higher taxes will be devastating to our already fragile economy. It's time to fight back." (
  • Robert Hurt. Robert's Round-Up: Washington Has A Spending Problem, Not A "We Don't Tax People Enough' Problem. 22 August 2011. "As we work to get our fiscal house in order to help grow the economy and create jobs, the last thing we need is job-destroying tax hikes on our families and small businesses." (
  • Robert Hurt signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayers Protection Pledge. "I, Robert Hurt, pledge to the taxpayers of the 5th district of the state of Virginia and to the American people that I will: ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and TWO, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates." (
  • Robert Hurt. Fighting For The 5th: Robert Hurt Comments On Creating Jobs By Supporting Small Businesses. 13 September 2010. "I have taken a pledge not to raise taxes, I believe the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts should be made permanent, I will work to lower the corporate income tax rate, and my limited government philosophy will drive my decisions to ensure that government does not over-regulate and over-burden our job creators." (
  • Robert Hurt. White House Lawyers: Healthcare Bill is a Tax Increase. 2 July 2010. "So while Fifth District families and businesses struggle to make ends meet, they're met with yet another government program that will kill jobs and raise their taxes. That is not the kind of leadership we need in Washington." (
  • Robert Hurt. Statement By Robert Hurt On The Latest Unemployment Report. 7 October 2011. "Today's disappointing jobs report proves that the continued threat of tax increases, excessive regulations, and more failed stimulus spending is stalling our economic recovery." (
  • Robert Hurt. Time's Come For Balanced Budget Amendment. 18 July 2011. "And as the passage of the failed nearly trillion-dollar 'stimulus' proved, Washington will quickly cast aside any spending pledges or statutory caps under the guise of 'emergency spending,' pushing our nation further along on a careless spending binge." (
  • Robert Hurt. Issue Position: Reducing the Size and Cost of Government. 7 October 2011. "The problem with Washington is that when a problem is identified, Congress' fix lies in more spending. We need to exercise fiscal discipline, stop the spending, stop the borrowing and roll back spending that has saddled our children and grandchildren with debt. We cannot spend our way to economic freedom and prosperity." (
  • Robert Hurt. The Franklin News Post “ Hurt: House Focused on Job Creation. 7 October 2011. "The best thing that we can do to help turn our economy around is to remove the government as a barrier to job growth and put our economic recovery back where it belongs -- in the hands of the people and small businesses." (
  • Robert Hurt. Blog: Cutting Government Spending to Create Jobs and Grow the Economy. 28 January 2011. "As the failed trillion dollar stimulus proved, increased government spending did not create the millions of jobs promised and only added to our record-breaking deficits and over $14 trillion in debt. The new projection that this year's deficit will reach nearly $1.5 million only reinforces the need to cut up Washington's credit cards once and for all." (
  • Robert Hurt. FOX News "Hannity" “ Transcript. 29 October 2010. "You know, cap-and-trade in Virginia could cost us 50,000 jobs. In the 5th district since the stimulus package was adopted, we've lost 11,000 jobs. And of course, contributed to $1.3 trillion in deficit spending and $13 trillion in debt. The people of the 5th district are not happy. They are disappointed with his representation. And I think that that's what we are seeing on the ground." (
  • Robert Hurt. Education. 17 July 2012. "A quality education is one of the greatest opportunities we can provide to our children and grandchildren. Our education is the strongest when it is in the hands of parents, localities, and states. I have been a strong supporter of K-12 and higher education during my time in the General Assembly and will continue to support education during my time in the U.S. Congress. As the House begins the process of reauthorizing 'No Child Left Behind,' I will work to ensure that states and localities are given more flexibility to improve the education of our children. Parents and teachers, at home and in the classroom, are in the best position to address the needs of students and it is imperative that we address the issues in 'No Child Left Behind' to make sure they have the tools necessary to better educate America's youth. Bureaucratic red-tape in Washington only adds to the burden many of these localities are facing in their efforts to educate our youth."
  • Robert Hurt. NBC 29: Hurt Shares Opinion on No Child Left Behind Act. 25 August 2011. "5th District Representative Robert Hurt says he would support eliminating 2001's No Child Left Behind Act. Hurt says the original idea was well intended but the federal government needs to step back and allow individual states and localities control the classroom. 'I think that the closer the education policy is to the people, the parents, and the children is going to be the better policy. We don't need bureaucrats in Washington telling us how to educate our children here in Charlottesville and Albemarle County,' he said." (
  • Bryan McKenzie. Charlottesville Daily Progress: Area lawmakers call for U.S. neutrality on Egypt. 3 February 2011. "'Education is a critical mission of government,' Hurt said. 'Although the funding for education is primarily a state and local responsibility, it's a concern at the federal level as well.'" (
  • Richard Sincere. Examiner Politics: GOP congressional nominee Robert Hurt discusses constitutional principles. 13 June 2010. "We all talk about the federal Department of Education as something that needs to be looked at very carefully. If there's a good reason for its existence, it's not clear to me. 'Why is it,' he asked, that 'we send our local dollars to the federal Department of Education in Washington, have them take their cut, send it back to us, and expect us to be grateful?' That, he said, is 'not clear to me.' (
  • Daily Progress Staff Reporters. Charlottesvile Daily Progress: At 5th District debate, GOP hopefuls stress limiting federal power. 28 February 2010. "The problem with the Department of Education is what it represents " a mindset that the government is the answer to every problem." (
  • Robert Hurt. HR 910. 112th Congress. Energy Tax Prevention Act. Robert Hurt voted Yea on 04/07/2011. (
  • Robert Hurt. FOX News "Hannity" “ Transcript. 29 October 2010. "You know, cap-and-trade in Virginia could cost us 50,000 jobs. In the 5th district since the stimulus package was adopted, we've lost 11,000 jobs. And of course, contributed to $1.3 trillion in deficit spending and $13 trillion in debt. The people of the 5th district are not happy. They are disappointed with his representation. And I think that that's what we are seeing on the ground." (
  • Robert Hurt. Issue Position: Promoting Free Markets and Job Creation. 17 July 2012. "I believe that unbridled government spending kills jobs. I believe that the key to creating jobs is limited government, low taxes and fewer government regulations, not more. The government does not create jobs, the private sector does. I will oppose continued efforts from those in Washington who put special interests ahead of the people. Legislation recently passed in Congress -- and supported by the district's current congressman prove that Democrats in Washington are clueless to the issues that face an economically strapped 5th district. Passage of the 'Cap and Trade' bill not only means higher utility bills and taxes for business, but it will make an already dire economic situation worse. The goal of our next Congressman needs to be job creation and getting our economy back in good standing. Robert believes that small businesses and the private sector is the economic engine to lead this recovery." (
  • Robert Hurt. Robert Hurt Votes To Support Farmers And The Agricultural Industry. 31 March 2011. "H.R. 153: Robert is a co-sponsor of H.R. 153, which would prohibit any funds at the EPA from being used to implement a Cap and Trade system that would harm our agriculture and manufacturing sectors, destroy over 50,000 jobs in Virginia, and amount to a job-crushing national energy tax when we can least afford it." (
  • Robert Hurt. Statement by Robert Hurt in Response to False Allegations Made by Congressman Perriello. 1 September 2010. "If Congressman Perriello would like to have a discussion about increasing electricity costs, it's a debate I welcome to have. There is only one candidate in this race who knowingly took an on the record vote that would lead to an increase in electric rates for Virginia, and that is Congressman Perriello. The Congressman unabashedly voted in favor of Cap and Trade that he has fully admitted would cause electricity bills to increase for Virginians, and he continues to stand by his vote today. As we try to get our economy back on track, we don't need another Congressman in Washington who will support a job-killing national energy tax that only raises utility bills for consumers, expands government regulation and intervention, and increases the cost of doing business in the 5th District." (
  • Robert Hurt. Congressman Hurt's Weekly Column: Preserving And Strengthening Virginia's Agricultural Industry. 25 May 2011. "That is why during the recent budget debate, I voted to cut $3 billion out of the EPA's budget and voted to impose a number of prohibitions on the agency's authority to implement job-destroying regulations, such as the EPA's ability to further regulate dust emissions and delaying the EPA's greenhouse gas regulations." (
  • Robert Hurt. National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011. 17 November 2011. "Mr. Speaker, today, I rise in support of H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act offered by my colleagues, Representatives Stearns and Shuler. I want to thank them for their leadership on this legislation, which protects the basic second amendment freedoms that are so important to central and southside Virginians. * This bipartisan bill would allow valid state-issued concealed firearm carry permits to be honored by any state or U.S. territory that allows concealed carry, requiring that each state recognize another's carry permits, just as they recognize each other's drivers' licenses. * Currently, 49 of 50 states, including the Commonwealth of Virginia, have laws permitting concealed carry in some fashion. Additionally, over half of those states--25 of those 49--already honor the Virginia concealed carry permit. * This legislation, which has overwhelming support in the House--from representatives from 48 states and both sides of the aisle--would allow central and southside Virginians to utilize their carry permits in all of the 49 states that allow concealed carry. * The constitutional right to keep and bear arms and the ability to defend one's self are fundamental liberties which were protected by our founding fathers. H.R. 822 recognizes that these basic liberties should not be constrained by borders or boundaries, and does so without hindering states' authority to set criteria for their own residents, and without affecting state laws that regulate how concealed firearms are carried. * I am proud to cosponsor this legislation as I continue to work to protect our second amendment freedoms for those in Virginia's 5th District and across the country, and I urge my colleagues to join with me in supporting passage of this bill." (
  • Robert Hurt. Issue Position: Individual Liberty, Private Property and the 2nd Amendment. 7 October 2011. "As a long time supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I am proud of my consistent support for gun rights, and proud of my consistent A plus rating from the National Rifle Association." (
  • Robert Hurt. Second Amendment Rights. 17 July 2012. "The Founders paid special attention to our right to keep and bear arms in order to empower individuals and allow for defense of one's self. Robert has been an ardent supporter of the rights and freedoms allowed in the Second Amendment, and proudly holds a consistent 'A+' rating from the National Rifle Association. As a member of Congress he has fought to protect these constitutional rights. Robert co-sponsored a bill, H.R. 822, that would permit the carrying of a concealed firearm with a valid state-issued concealed-weapons license. In addition, he has vehemently opposed and has worked to counter the attempts to limit the Constitutional rights of gun owners, such as the Obama Administration's exploitation of the Fast and Furious scandal as an excuse to unreasonably expand gun regulations. As a member of Congress, he will continue to defend the Second Amendment and ensure every Virginian's right to keep and bear arms is conserved." (
  • Robert Hurt. Robert Hurt Proudly Stands Behind His Strong Pro-Second Amendment Record. 23 September 2010. "The Robert Hurt for U.S. Congress campaign today released the following statement from Robert Hurt. Robert consistently receives an 'A' rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and has received their endorsement in previous elections, but expects the NRA to endorse Congressman Perriello due to their ˜friendly incumbent rule.' 'It is an honor to have received the endorsement of the NRA in previous elections, and it is an honor to consistently receive an ˜A' rating from them as well. I strongly believe in the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I have worked vigorously to defend this right and will continue to do so if elected to the U.S. Congress. Unlike my opponent, I will vote for a Speaker of the House who is committed to protecting, supporting, and promoting a pro-Second Amendment agenda. While I accept the NRA's expected endorsement of the incumbent, my record on this issue is clear, and I remain very proud of their previous support and recognition of my work to preserve the rights of gun owners in Virginia and throughout the country.' Background Information Robert Hurt Has Consistently Received An "A" Rating From The NRA. The NRA Has Endorsed Robert Hurt In Previous Elections In 2003, 2005, 2007. The NRA Thanked Robert For His 'Unwavering Commitment To The Second Amendment In The Virginia General Assembly.' The NRA Said Robert Was 'Instrumental In Expanding And Protecting The Second Amendment Rights Of Virginia Gun Owners.' The NRA Thanked Robert For His Support That "Does Not Stop At The Virginia Border" Pointing To His Signing Of The Court Brief Supporting Second Amendment Rights During The McDonald v. Chicago Case." (
  • Robert Hurt. Statement By Robert Hurt On The Latest Unemployment Report. 7 January 2011. "In addition to keeping taxes low and cutting government spending, voting to repeal the government takeover of health care next week is another step towards reducing the unnecessary regulations, mandates, and taxes that have been forced on the backs of small businesses and killed jobs." (
  • Robert Hurt. Statement By Robert Hurt On The Latest Unemployment Report. 24 February 2011. "Having voted to reduce spending to 2008 levels or less and to repeal the job-destroying government takeover of health care, I look forward to our work next week in the House where we will begin the process of reviewing the burdensome regulations placed on businesses that hinder job creation and stall economic growth." (
  • Robert Hurt. HR 2. 112th Congress. Repealing the Health Care Bill. Robert Hurt voted Yea on 01/19/2011. (
  • Robert Hurt. Statement By Robert Hurt On Government Run Healthcare's Negative Effects On Seniors. 25 August 2010. "I have pledged to the people of the Fifth District that I will go to Washington and fight to repeal this plan and replace it with a common-sense policy that doesn't put the government in between doctors and patients." (
  • Robert Hurt. The Daily Progress “ Hurt Completes First 100 Days. 22 April 2011. "In his first 100 days, Hurt has supported legislation that would cut billions from the federal budget, repeal Obama's health care overhaul, block Environmental Protection Agency climate regulations and allow oil drilling off the coast of Virginia." (
  • Robert Hurt. Robert Hurt Casts Vote To Repeal The Government Takeover Of Health Care. 19 January 2011. "Voting to repeal the government takeover of health care is another way to help foster an economic environment of certainty that will give businesses the confidence necessary to hire and expand." (
  • Robert Hurt. Health Care. 20 January 2011. "Having heard from so many of my constituents on this issue, I believe that it is essential that we repeal the government takeover of health care that raises costs, increases taxes, imposes burdensome mandates on small businesses, and jeopardizes quality medical care for our people." (
  • Robert Hurt. Blog: The First Step, Not the Last, Towards True Health Care Reform. 21 January 2011. "This week, I was proud to put the will of the people into action by co-sponsoring and voting to repeal the health care law that raises costs, increases taxes and spending, and destroys jobs." (
  • Robert Hurt. Video: Sen. Robert Hurt on WCHV - The Census and Illegal Immigration “ 03/26. 6 July 2010. "I think the first thing we have to do and I have done this in the legislature, in the state legislature, is we have to enforce the laws that we have on the books and to the extent that the state can do state and local law enforcement can be useful in enforcing those laws, finding those people and sending them back to Mexico or wherever they come from. I think that's -- deportation is something that we have to focus on." (
  • Robert Hurt. Where does Perriello Stand on Arizona's Law To Stop Illegal Immigration? 7 July 2010. ""I support Arizona's immigration law and I would hope that our Congressman, this Congress and our President would stand with Arizonans. We need to fight to secure our borders and refuse amnesty to people who have come to our country illegally. Enforcing the current immigration laws is something that the federal government has fundamentally failed to do." (
  • Staff. WSLS10: 5th District Q&A: Immigration. 17 October 2010. "We are a nation of laws. Any person who has crossed our border in violation of our laws should be deported. An illegal immigrant in one of our jails or prisons is a direct drain on taxpayer dollars. We must be diligent in enforcing our immigration rules to the letter of the law." (
  • Robert Hurt. NumbersUSA: 2010 NumbersUSA Congressional Candidate Survey. Responded "Yes" to the question: "Do you OPPOSE offering the officially estimated 11 million people illegally in the U.S long-term work permits and/or a path to citizenship (whether through a blanket amnesty or an "earned legalization" or other form)?" (
  • Robert Hurt. Issue Position: Life and Marriage. 7 October 2011. "I am also a strong believer that marriage is between one man and one woman. As a member of the state legislature, I have voted in support of Virginia's Constitutional Amendment protecting marriage -- and I have voted against Civil Unions." (
  • Robert Hurt. Letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. 2 November 2011. "As you know, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was passed by Congress with bipartisan support and signed into law by President Clinton in 1996. The law of the land is the federal government defines marriage as between one man and one woman. Unfortunately, the Department of Defense seems intent on circumventing this law. In April, a memo from the Navy Chief of Chaplains issued new guidance to ignore federal law, which was temporarily suspended. On September 30, 2011 the General Counsel of the Department of Defense (DoD) released a second memorandum stating that in connection with the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT), the "use of the DoD real property and facilities for private functions, including religious and other ceremonies, should be made on a sexual-orientation neutral basis." This statement is nothing more than a reissuing of the original April guidance. Rather than using the term "marriage," the Department of Defense has merely written the guidance broadly in an attempt to avoid questions about whether its policy is in violation of DOMA. The application, however, of this new policy will undoubtedly violate DOMA. This clear and deliberate violation of established U.S. law sets a dangerous precedent. DOMA makes clear that for purposes of the federal government, marriage is defined as between one man and one woman. The use of federal property or federal employees to perform anything but opposite-sex ceremonies is a clear contravention of the law. When the House of Representatives passed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in April, the Akin and Hartzler amendments were adopted which clarify that federal employees and federal property can only be used to support marriages in a manner consistent with DOMA. We recognize the National Defense Authorization Act is well underway and needed funds for our troops should be expedited without delay. However, we respectfully request that an amendment similar to that passed by the House be included to ensure that this administration follow the law as written and comply with DOMA. It is not the place of any citizen of this country to pick and choose which laws will be obeyed. We expect citizens sworn to defend those laws to set the example in their application." (
  • Despite exhaustive research, Vote Smart was unable to find information about this candidate's position.
  • Robert Hurt. Issue Position: Social Security. 17 July 2012. "Millions of Americans have already paid into the Social Security system. It represents a retirement promise that has been made, and it is a promise that must be kept. When it comes to Social Security, I oppose privatization." (

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