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Ron Kind's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)



Official Position: Candidate addressed this issue directly by taking the Political Courage Test.

Inferred Position: Candidate refused to address this issue, but Vote Smart inferred this issue based on the candidate's public record, including statements, voting record, and special interest group endorsements.

Unknown Position: Candidate refused to address this issue, or we could not infer an answer for this candidate despite exhaustive research of their public record.

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Ron Kind has failed to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2020 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart and voters like you.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2020.

  • "Today #SCOTUS reaffirmed a woman’s constitutional right to make her own health care choices. #StopTheSham" (
  • Rated 100% by Planned Parenthood. (
  • Signed a letter stating: "Many people are fearful about how your presidency will affect women and girls. You have promised to nominate Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade. You have also nominated officials with unabashedly anti-woman records to serve in cabinet posts with power to affect women's health and day-to-day lives. Because of their fears about what lies ahead, women are already taking action to protect themselves against possible negative outcomes, such as by rushing to their doctors to obtain long-acting birth control before your inauguration." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "Women have the right to make their own decisions about their reproductive health." (
  • "Their proposal cuts taxes for powerful special interests while sticking our children and grandchildren with the bill." (
  • "Adding almost $2 trillion in debt to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and powerful isn't tax reform, it's a giveaway to those who need it least." (
  • "#GOPTaxPlan sticks our children and grandchildren with $1.7 Trillion in debt while giving tax breaks to powerful special interests and the wealthy." (
  • "Who loses under the #GOPtaxbill? Middle-class Wisconsin families - while the wealthiest Americans and corporations get a tax break." (
  • "The Medicare you depend on will be financially secure. Health insurance reform protects and strengthens the Medicare benefits promised to senior citizens." (
  • "I know how important Medicare and Social Security are to you -- they're important to my family too. We need to strengthen modernize these programs for next generation. Click here to sign your name if you agree we need to preserve Social Security for hard-working Americans, not privatize it." (
  • "Just voted against the #taxbill. This bill will increase taxes on millions of Americans, add $2 trillion in debt and put future of Social Security and Medicare at risk. Bad for Wisconsinites!" (
  • "This Administration's request to cut $845 billion from Medicare and $241 billion from Medicaid won't fly. The care that Wisconsin's seniors and families rely on won't be a bargaining chip on the table. This is totally unacceptable." (
  • "On the heels of the disastrous Citizens United decision, today's misguided ruling further illustrates the need for Congress to step in and restore some balance to our political process so that the voices of the people can be heard. That's why I'm fighting to pass comprehensive campaign finance reform legislation called the "Government by the People Act' that would reduce the influence of big money in politics, and make this a government of, by, and for the people." (
  • "10 years ago today, the Supreme Court made the disastrous decision of allowing dark money to influence our elections with its ruling in Citizens United v. FEC." (
  • "I am proud to cosponsor the For the People Act, a bill that puts the power back where it belongs: in the hands of Wisconsinites. #HR1" (
  • Rated 87% by Common Cause. (
  • Voted in favor of HR 7120 - George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020. (
  • "We must implement common sense reforms that ensure equality and justice for all Americans, and I encourage leaders on all sides not to turn this tragedy into another partisan fight. Rest assured I will continue to stand with our peaceful protesters who are once again demanding the change our country so badly needs." (
  • "The Pentagon's brazen misuse of hardworking Wisconsinites' tax dollars is unacceptable, and should be remedied immediately," said Rep. Ron Kind. "The Defense Department needs to act quickly to create more transparency and efficiency within the department," (
  • Rated 5% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "Today, U.S. Rep. Ron Kind introduced the Wasteful Defense Spending Reduction Act, a bipartisan bill that creates an expedited process to cut wasteful defense spending and pay down the national debt." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "Failure to adequately fund the Highway Trust fund would affect hundreds of thousands of American jobs and severely impact the flow of commerce in our country. It is the responsibility of this Committee to ensure that the Highway Trust Fund is adequate to meet our critical infrastructure needs." (
  • "Proud to join the brand new Task Force on #RuralBroadband today! Together, this task force will make sure we’re spending federal funding for rural broadband effectively and ensuring affordable universal internet access by 2025." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "We need reliable funding sources for infrastructure that cannot be looted for other projects. Americans are ready for innovations in financing, including responsible public-private partnerships." (
  • "Wisconsinites know that sticking to a budget is about discipline & priorities. Meanwhile, leaders of both parties have passed reckless tax cuts for billionaires & bills that aren't paid for, causing the deficit to balloon. It's irresponsible, unacceptable, & must stop." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "We urge you to vote no on H.J. Resolution 54, a Republican proposal to repeal Treasury's finalized debt-equity regulations issued under Section 385 of the tax code. These regulations are intended to combat aggressive corporate tax planning techniques that, rather than serving an economic purpose, are used by some corporations to avoid taxes." (
  • "Tariffs are taxes on Wisconsinites. We need to work together with our allies to find solutions that benefit Wisconsin workers, farmers and families instead of harming them." (
  • "Who loses under the #GOPtaxbill? Middle-class Wisconsin families - while the wealthiest Americans and corporations get a tax break." (
  • "Our country is currently facing a serious health emergency, and with it an economic emergency. Today we took another important step toward getting businesses, working families, and health care providers the support they need during these tough times," said Rep. Ron Kind. "I'm glad Congress could put our differences aside and work with the Administration to provide immediate financial support for many Wisconsinites, increase unemployment insurance benefits for those out of work, support Wisconsin businesses through this challenging time, and ensure hospitals have the resources they need to combat COVID-19 in a safe way." (
  • Rated 100% by the National Education Association. (
  • "After years of waiting for a replacement for No Child Left Behind, I am pleased that we were able to craft a bipartisan piece of legislation that gives our teachers the flexibility to adequately address each student's needs, rather than tying their hands with a one-size-fits-all approach," (
  • Rated 0% by American Energy Alliance. (
  • "We need to make sure Wisconsin workers have the training they need to compete for these jobs, which is why I co-sponsored legislation to train our workers for jobs in renewable and energy efficiency industries," Rep. Kind stated." (
  • "Wisconsinites are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in our country. It's up to us to ensure our environment is protected for generations to come. I am proud to support the Climate Action Now Act, and reaffirm our National commitment to work with our global allies to combat climate change," said Rep. Ron Kind." (
  • "I am proud to support the Climate Action Now Act, and reaffirm our National commitment to work with our global allies to combat climate change. #ClimateActionNow" (
  • Rated 97% by League of Conservation Voters (
  • Signed a letter stating: "Mitigation of climate change is a national priority that requires national policies to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, like producing significantly more energy from clean and carbon free souces as a means of achieving the polution reduction pledge the U.S. made ahead of COP21." (
  • "Taking action on gun violence and being respectful about Second Amendment rights are not mutually exclusive. Only by working together on this can we prevent these mass shootings from happening." (
  • "As an avid sportsman, I have long supported the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners. It is vital that we protect these traditions not only for hunters but for our children as well - so future generations can also enjoy everything our great outdoors have to offer." (
  • "More great discussions about the spread of CWD, the threat of gun violence in our schools and churches, and rebuilding our failing river infrastructure." (
  • "Today, we remember the lives lost in the horrific Parkland shooting. Gun violence cannot be our new normal. It's time to move forward on commonsense gun safety measures in this new Congress, and protect our children and families." (
  • "The ACA is still the law of the land, and I’m still fighting to protect Wisconsinites’ access to healthcare - even if you live with a pre-existing condition. Next year, we’ll work together to improve the affordability & accessibility of healthcare in WI." (
  • "For the 141,000 WI residents who have health care because of ACA, we need to improve #ACA not repeal it. #ACARepeal" (
  • "Providing affordable and quality health care has been one of my goals since I was elected. That's why I'm proud that the Affordable Care Act has helped more people receive access to health care while driving down costs throughout the country." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 986 - Protecting Americans with Preexisting Conditions Act of 2019. (
  • Voted in favor of HR 6201 - Families First Coronavirus Response Act. (
  • "Unlike the president's request for a $5.7 Billion border wall funded by Wisconsin taxpayer dollars, Rep. Kind's plan would raise $24 Billion for border security by fining immigrants living in America without proper documentation or with expired visas. It would also create a path to citizenship for the estimated 12 million immigrants living in America illegally, in-turn growing the labor force and creating a sustainable new source of tax revenue." (
  • "Unlike the president's request for a $5.7 Billion border wall funded by Wisconsin taxpayer dollars, Rep. Kind's plan would raise $24 Billion for border security by fining immigrants living in America without proper documentation or with expired visas. It would also create a path to citizenship for the estimated 12 million immigrants living in America illegally, in-turn growing the labor force and creating a sustainable new source of tax revenue." (
  • "It’s time we create a pathway to citizenship that funds border modernization and stops the inflow of drugs into our country, while promoting the legal immigration that Wisconsin’s farmers, businesses and communities need." (
  • "No question that our immigration system is broken & in need of repair, but separating families is wrong. It has never been the policy of our Nation to use children as political pawns. I am proud to support the #KeepFamiliesTogetherAct to stop this practice & reunite families." (
  • Signed a letter stating "While we work towards the goal of comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, we encourage you to exercise your authority to provide relief to millions of families from unnecessary detention and deportation." (
  • "The President's decision to unilaterally withdraw the United States from the Iran Nuclear Agreement jeopardizes our national security and can ignite a nuclear arms race in the Middle East." (
  • "He reminds us of the importance of maintaining the Iran Nuclear Agreement." (
  • Rated 5% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "This agreement gives us the best opportunity to avoid military action and may accomplish our ultimate objective: to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, protecting the security of our allies in the region, and avoiding a nuclear arms race in the Middle East." (
  • "It is time to take the training wheels off in Afghanistan. I am hopeful that the President's strategy will both safely allow Afghanistan to take responsibility for their security, economic reconstruction and self-governance -- and get our troops home safe and sound." (
  • "For more than a decade, our troops have served in Iraq and continue to serve in Afghanistan, our longest conflict in U.S. history. The death of Osama bin Laden, who had declared war on America and was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, was a major accomplishment for our armed forces and intelligence services. And because of this, I believe President Obama's announced strategy for troop withdrawal is a step in the right direction." (
  • Rated 5% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "We need to end the trade war and lift the tariffs that are hurting our family farmers. Read more about my recent roundtable with Wisconsin farmers and agriculture leaders here:" (
  • Signed a letter stating: "We look forward to additional consultations with you as we continue to review all aspects of the USMCA. In the meantime, however, we urge you to put the highest priority on lifting the steel and aluminum tariffs and retaliation entirely as soon as possible, and certainly before congressional consideration." (
  • "Tariffs are taxes on WI's farmers, workers, & families, & that’s exactly who is going to feel it after this escalation." (
  • "With 95% of the world's population living outside our borders, if the United States is going to compete in the 21st century global economy, we cannot shy away from opportunities to guide and expand global trade." (
This candidate has responded to a Political Courage Test in a previous election. As a continued effort to provide the American public with factual information on candidates running for public office, these archived responses are made available here.
Pro-choice Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?
I am pro-choice and support the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which protects a woman's right to choose. I believe that abortions should be rare and safe, and that it should be a decision made between a woman, her family and her doctor, based on her own personal beliefs and faith. Furthermore, I believe that all of us must do more to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, particularly teenage pregnancies, as well as support efforts to make adoption more widely available.
Yes Do you support United States' combat operations in Afghanistan?
Yes Do you support a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan?
Afghanistan must take responsibility for its security, economic reconstruction and self governance so we can get our troops home safe and sound. As we draw down American troops, we must work with the Afghani and Pakistani people to ensure that al Qaeda no longer enjoys safe havens to plot their next attack.

Indicate which proposals you support (if any) for balancing the federal budget.In order to balance the budget,

Yes do you support reducing defense spending?
Yes do you support an income tax increase on any tax bracket?
Yes do you support reducing Medicaid spending?
Yes do you support reducing Medicare spending?
Yes Is balancing the budget a legislative priority?
I support a balanced plan to address our budget deficits. Both sides need to compromise to put on a more fiscally sustainable path. That means making spending cuts but also asking powerful special interests to contribute their fair share by eliminating tax loopholes. We can also save money in Medicare and Medicaid and improve the quality of care by building on health care reform efforts that are transforming our system into one that delivers higher quality care at a lower cost and eliminates waste in the system. We can do that without reducing any benefits for seniors.
Yes Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?
I believe that the American people have a right to know who is spending what to influence elections. I support increasing disclosure and strengthening transparency in federal campaigns.
Yes Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes?
Yes Do you support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?
Yes Do you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation?
Yes Do you support spending on infrastructure projects for the purpose of job creation?
Yes Do you support the temporary extension of unemployment benefits?
No Do you support the 2010 temporary extension of tax relief?
I opposed efforts in 2010 to irresponsibly increase the deficit by extending tax relief beyond working families and small businesses to the wealthiest two percent of taxpayers who need them the least. Without finding spending cuts in the budget to pay for cuts for millionaires, the 2010 tax relief legislation added almost $1 trillion to the deficit. We cannot afford to borrow billions of dollars and add to the debt of our children and grandchildren. For those calling for the extension of tax relief for wealthy Wall Street bankers, they should find corresponding spending cuts to pay for them.
Yes Do you support requiring states to implement education reforms in order to be eligible for competitive federal grants?
I support the Administration's Race to the Top Initiative that requires education reforms to be eligible for competitive grants. Not all federal grants should be subject to such requirements but Race to the Top had an important role to play in spurring innovation to improve our schools.
No Do you support reducing restrictions on offshore energy production?
I am willing to support further development of offshore energy production, but the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has clearly shown that we must be very careful in ensuring that we have meaningful oversight to protect the safety of our workers, while minimizing the risk of environmentally destroying our waters.
Yes Do you believe that human activity is contributing to climate change?
Yes Do you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?
I am wary of a one-size-fits-all approach to the federal regulation of greenhouse gases. Given the difficult regional and national issues that this involves, I have long believed that it is more desirable for Congress to issue further guidance before the EPA singlehandedly begins to regulate these issues.
Unknown Position Do you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?
I support current law and do not believe that new restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns should be imposed. As someone who has enjoyed hunting and fishing in scenic western Wisconsin my whole life, I am opposed to any legislation that would prevent law-abiding citizens from owning a gun. As a former local prosecutor, however, I have dealt with the effects of gun violence first-hand, and as a father and a husband, I am convinced that firearms should not fall into the hands of convicted felons.
No Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act?
Yes Should individuals be required to purchase health insurance, as mandated in the 2010 Affordable Care Act?
The individual responsibility requirement in health care reform is really an upfront fee paid by consumers who choose to pass their health care costs onto everyone with insurance. A study published during the health care reform debate showed that it costs a family over $1,000 in increased health care premiums to pay for the cost shift by providers to make up the lost revenue of those that go without coverage and can't pay their bills. Getting everyone into the system allows the ACA to include the critical patient protections that put consumers back in charge of their health care.
Do you support allowing illegal immigrants, who were brought to the United States as minors, to pursue citizenship without returning to their country of origin?
Do you support the enforcement of federal immigration law by state and local police?
No Do you support requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship?
I support comprehensive reform that not only bolsters enforcement of immigration laws but also provides a practical solution for the 12 million undocumented immigrants residing within our borders. I would support legislation that would provide otherwise law-abiding undocumented workers with permanent legal status through a new legalization program as part of comprehensive immigration reform.
Yes Do you support same-sex marriage?
Should the U.S use military force in order to prevent Iran from possessing a nuclear weapon?
No Do you support targeting suspected terrorists outside of official theaters of conflict?
I support the congressional authorization of military force against al Qaeda and its affiliates around the world. For over two decades, Iran has pursued nuclear weapons in direct violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which they are a signatory. It is very important that we successfully deter any Iranian attempts to acquire nuclear weapons, both for our allies' national security as well as our own. We should not take any response off the table. I believe that with a multifaceted approach, utilizing diplomacy as well as enacted sanctions, we can ensure that Iran does not gain nuclear weapons.
No Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?
As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over Social Security, I am committed to finding responsible solutions to address the long-term financing challenges facing the program. I know we can find a way to ensure Social Security remains strong for today's seniors while making sure future generations can rely on it too. As part of my commitment to protect its solvency, I strongly oppose privatizing Social Security because it would rob money from the system that is needed to pay benefits for today's seniors.

SpendingIndicate what federal spending levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.TaxesIndicate what federal tax levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.

Slightly Decrease a) Agriculture
Maintain Status b) Arts
Slightly Decrease c) Defense
Greatly Increase d) Education
Maintain Status e) Environment
Maintain Status f) Homeland Security
Slightly Decrease g) International aid
Greatly Increase h) Medical Research
Greatly Increase i) Scientific Research
Slightly Decrease j) Space exploration
Maintain Status k) United Nations
Maintain Status l) Welfare
m) Other or expanded categories
Maintain Status a) Capital gains taxes
Greatly Decrease b) Corporate taxes
Maintain Status c) Excise taxes (alcohol)
Maintain Status d) Excise taxes (cigarettes)
Maintain Status e) Excise taxes (transportation fuel)
Maintain Status f) Income taxes (low-income families)
Maintain Status g) Income taxes (middle-income families)
Slightly Increase h) Income taxes (high-income families)
Maintain Status i) Inheritance taxes
Maintain Status j) Payroll taxes
Individual and corporate tax reform is necessary to broaden the tax base and lower rates to help make our businesses more competitive internationally.
Fostering an environment to help businesses in western Wisconsin create jobs is my number one priority. Though our economy has grown in the last two years, we all know more has to be done to get it back on track creating good paying jobs again. As a member on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, I'm committed to making the tough decisions to actually cut wasteful and unnecessary spending. I support a balanced plan to address our budget deficits by cutting spending and asking powerful special interests to contribute their fair share by eliminating tax loopholes.

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