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Robert Corker's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)


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Robert Corker refused to tell citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2012 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2012.

  • Bob Corker. Issue Position: Protecting the Unborn. 16 June 2011. "Senator Bob Corker is a strong advocate for the protection of life. He believes life begins at the moment of conception and will vote to protect the lives of unborn children." (
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the NARAL Pro-Choice America 0 percent in 2010." (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 3896. 110th Congress. Prohibiting the Funds in S 1200 from Being Used for Abortions. Robert Corker voted Yea on 02/26/2008. (
  • National Organization for Women. 04/18/2012. "On the votes used to calculate its ratings, the National Organization for Women attaches more value to those votes it considers more important. For 2008, the National Organization for Women gave Robert Corker a rating of 6 percent." (
  • Planned Parenthood. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of Planned Parenthood 0 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Letter to Donald Berwick. 9 June 2011. "We fully support the intent of HEA 1210 to prevent taxpayer dollars from subsidizing the operational costs of abortions; and more broadly, we support the right of states to administer their Medicaid programs in a manner consistent with the values and needs of their citizens." (
  • Family Research Council. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Family Research Council 95 percent in 2010." (
  • National Right to Life Committee. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the National Right to Life Committee 100 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Sen. Corker Applauds Supreme Court Decision Upholding Federal Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion. 18 April 2007. "I'm very pleased the U.S. Supreme Court today agreed that partial-birth abortion should be outlawed. This procedure is one that most Tennesseans agree is cruel and inhumane." (
  • Peace Action West. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of Peace Action West 79 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Update From U.S. Senator Bob Corker. 25 September 2009. "The first measure, cosponsored by Senators Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), requires the President to provide Congress with a clear set of objectives for Afghanistan and Pakistan and benchmarks to quantify progress toward achieving those objectives. This does not tie anyone's hands, and there are no timetables dictating when certain things must occur, but we need a clearly articulated policy equal to the tremendous sacrifice that our men and women in uniform are putting forth daily on our behalf." (
  • Bob Corker. Letter to The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State. 19 January 2010. "As we prepare to ramp up our military commitment and our security focus in the coming months, the civilian component of our strategy will be essential to progress in Afghanistan. […] We need an empowered civilian coordinator who will work with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the international community, and the Afghan central and sub-national government entities in order to compel coordination, maximize oversight, avoid duplication, report on progress, and provide transparency on all the various programs and aid packages being implemented on the ground." (
  • Bob Corker. Letter to Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State. 3 May 2011. "For some time, relations between the U.S. and Pakistan have been tense yet endured many trials. The United States is fighting a war in Afghanistan against terrorists largely based in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with little noticeable support from the Pakistanis to target those actors most harmful to our success." (
  • Bob Corker. Issue Position: Supporting Our National Security Strategy. 15 June 2011. "Senator Corker visited with leaders of the NATO operations in Afghanistan and President Karzai regarding the progress of military and reconstruction operations across the country. Senator Corker feels there is great opportunity for success in stabilizing this impoverished, war-stricken nation. However, he believes that we must commit more forces for training and security missions and enhance poppy eradication programs before we lose the support of the Afghan people." (
  • Bob Corker. Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Afghanistan-Pakistan Strategy. 21 May 2009. "I think the part that we are leaving out more so in Afghanistan is we are not so sure about building a really great democratically functioning country because of some of our partnerships and other kinds of things. But we in essence are nation building. So let me just move on then. I have asked for some benchmarks and objectives. Look I support our military. I support our country's efforts to certainly rout out terrorism, the transnational terrorism, the transnational type that would affect us certainly." (
  • Bob Corker. CNN "State Of The Union With John King" - Transcript. 27 September 2009. "It's easy to talk about what failure in Afghanistan might mean. I think it's been more difficult to actually articulate what success is. And until we can do that, I think it's appropriate to take some time. Look, at the end of the day, counterterrorism leads to a strategy of counterinsurgency, which means winning the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan. In a poor country like Afghanistan, that ends up meaning nation-building." (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 4204. 112th Congress. Requiring Afghanistan Troop Redeployment Plan and Timetable. Robert Corker voted Nay on 05/27/2010. (
  • Peace Action. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Peace Action 79 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Votes for Legislation to Meet Domestic and Foreign Assistance Needs. 26 June 2008. "I voted in favor of emergency spending to meet many of our nation's foreign assistance and domestic needs. Together with the war funding we passed last month, this bill represents a commitment to our national security." (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 4818. 110th Congress. Funding for Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Robert Corker voted Yea on 05/22/2008. (
  • Robert Corker. HR 2206. 110th Congress. Emergency Departmental Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007. Robert Corker voted Yea on 05/24/2007. (
  • Robert Corker. HR 4986. 110th Congress. Defense Authorizations Bill. Robert Corker voted Yea on 01/22/2008. (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Votes for Defense Appropriations Bill. 19 December 2009. "This legislation provides critical resources our men and women in uniform need to conduct operations around the world -- particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and to train for those missions here at home. It also includes funds to support the health and welfare of our troops and their families, assistance for service members transitioning to civilian life, and the repair and purchase of equipment needed to ensure the security of our nation and protect our interests globally," (
  • Bob Corker. Jackson Sun: Corker Warns of Debt. 5 November 2010. "Corker said for years military officials have received funding for whatever they've asked for. National security remains important, but some streamlining can take place in the Pentagon, he said. 'There's not a single thing on the budget that I would say is off the table,' he said." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Cosponsors Bill to Protect Compensation for Military, Signs 'No Budget, No Pay' Pledge. 7 April 2011. "Our men and women in uniform should not be penalized by Washington's inability to set priorities, live within our means and address our nation's mounting fiscal challenges. These Americans are charged with keeping us safe every day, and providing this guarantee of compensation is the right thing to do." (
  • Bob Corker. Video: Sen. Corker Speaks Out. 22 October 2010. “Joe Kernen: 'We get emails that come in and say, you're going to have Corker on. For once ask a Republican what he wants to cut. The rap is all you say is cut, but you have no idea how to do anything. What would you specifically cut?' Sen. Corker: 'I think everything needs to be on the table.' Joe Kernen: 'Everything's on the table? Defense? Entitilements? Sen. Corker: 'Everything needs to be on the table. I mean look, Secretary Gates will tell you, there's a lot of waste there.' Joe Kernen: 'Other than waste though?' Sen. Corker: 'Yeah, I mean that's an area that's going to be more difficult, cause that's our national security. It's the most important thing we do in Washington. But look, every single thing we do needs to be looked at. So I would say, nothing's off the table.'” (
  • Bob Corker. News - CORKER: WITH CONSENSUS BUILDING FOR PRO-GROWTH TAX REFORM, BUFFETT TAX WOULD BE “COUNTERPRODUCTIVE”. 22 August 2012. “There’s tremendous bipartisan consensus building toward pro-growth tax reform that eliminates loopholes so we can lower everyone’s rates, simplifies the tax code and broadens the base, and the Buffett Tax would move us in the opposite direction and be highly counterproductive. What we need to move the economy into high gear is pro-growth tax reform accompanied by a plan to restore the solvency of Social Security and Medicare and reduce long-term deficits” (
  • Bob Corker signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayers Protection Pledge. “I pledge to the taxpayers of the state of Tennessee and to the American people that I will: ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and TWO, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.” (
  • National Taxpayers Union. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported reasonable tax and spending policies as defined by the National Taxpayers Union 99 percent of the time in 2010." (
  • Americans for Tax Reform. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Americans for Tax Reform 90 percent in 2007." (
  • Robert Corker. HR 1424. 110th Congress. Financial Asset Purchase Authority and Tax Law Amendments. Robert Corker voted Yea on 10/01/2008. (
  • Bob Corker. Update from U.S. Senator Bob Corker. 1 June 2008. "I am convinced there is absolutely no construct for fiscal discipline at the federal level. Earlier this month, I voted against the fiscal year 2009 budget resolution, which is intended to set congressional budget totals and broad spending priorities, because I felt it ignored reality and contained excessive spending. We have to get our country's fiscal situation under control by making more disciplined and honest fiscal decisions, and it is my hope that in the near future, we will work in a bipartisan manner to put mechanisms in place to do so. A good first step would be not cooking the books and using budget gimmickry to manipulate the numbers just so things look better than they actually are. As our national debt continues to increase, bringing spending increases under control should be top priority to ensure our children and grandchildren are not saddled with crushing federal debt." (
  • Bob Corker. Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions. 1 February 2011. "I know our main cosponsor, Senator McCaskill, has spent a lot of time looking at waste and abuse within the Federal Government. One of the best things about this bill is, if we want to limit spending relative to the country's economic output, it is obviously easier to do so if the economy is growing. So what that would mean is that both parties would be joined at the hip to put in place policies that promote economic growth." (
  • Bob Corker. President's Budget Proposal Misses Opportunity to Lead. 14 February 2011. "We need to vote on and pass spending cuts this year, and we need to pass the CAP Act Senator McCaskill and I have offered to force Congress to dramatically cut spending over 10 years. By capping spending -- discretionary and mandatory -- to a declining percentage of GDP, we would put our country on a path to fiscal sanity, while incentivizing Congress to pass policies that promote economic growth." (
  • Bob Corker. National Review Online Op-ed: The CAP Act. 9 May 2011. "The only real way to place America back on a path to solvency is by imposing what amounts to a fiscal straitjacket. To that end, colleagues from both sides of the aisle and both houses of Congress have joined me in offering the CAP Act, legislation that, for the very first time, would establish an across-the-board, binding cap on all federal spending. A real cap on spending tied to a percentage of gross domestic product is a responsible way to impose fiscal discipline and achieve smaller government while incentivizing lawmakers to pass policies that promote economic growth." (
  • Bob Corker. Federal Spending. 21 September 2010. "What we need to do as a body, as a Senate, is to create a construct that forces us to cap spending and incentivize growth." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Votes to Extend Existing Tax Rates, Introduces Amendment to Cap Federal Spending as a Percentage of GDP. 15 December 2010. "To that end, Senator McCaskill and I have offered an amendment to cap federal spending as a percentage of GDP, a move that would instill fiscal discipline and smaller government while incentivizing lawmakers to pass pro-growth policies. This bipartisan amendment won't be debated or voted on today, but hopefully it and other efforts will lay down a marker and build momentum in the new Congress for tangible, meaningful action to get government spending under control prior to a vote on the debt ceiling." (
  • Bob Corker. Alexander, Corker Announce Support For Pellissippi Centre Project That Will Create Jobs In The Oak Ridge Corridor. 9 July 2009. "U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) today announced that the FY2010 Financial Services Appropriations bill, which was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee today, includes funding for an economic development initiative in Tennessee. […] 'The Pellissippi Research Centre will leverage the outstanding resources at UT and ORNL to attract private investment and generate economic growth in the community. This initiative reinforces the leading role Tennessee is playing in advanced scientific research that is helping to create the jobs of the 21st century so we can maintain America's competitive edge." (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 3301. 112th Congress. Ending the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Robert Corker voted Yea on 01/21/2010. (
  • The Club for Growth. 04/18/2012. "On the votes used to calculate its ratings, The Club for Growth attaches more value to those votes it considers more important. For 2010, The Club for Growth gave Robert Corker a rating of 94 percent." (
  • Americans for Prosperity. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Americans for Prosperity 88 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Senator Corker and the Job Crisis. “Mr. Corker is incredibly concerned with the unemployment rate faced by America under President Obama's administration. He has always been an advocate for reducing taxes and has supported increasing the minimum wage to help those who need it most […] Senator Corker also supports peeling back regulations to incentivize businesses to remain in the United States.” (
  • Robert Corker. S 3816. 112th Congress. Tax Law Amendments. Robert Corker voted Nay on 09/28/2010. (
  • Bob Corker. JACKSON SUN (EDITORIAL): SEN. CORKER'S OPTIMISM CAN BREATH LIFE INTO CONGRESS. 4 June 2012. “His call for pro-growth tax reform makes sense. It would lower tax rates for everyone and eliminate the dizzying array of tax loopholes used by companies and individuals. This would create a new sense of economic stability that businesses depend on before they will risk new investment in growth.” (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Comments on Senate Passage of $1 Trillion Year-End Spending Bill and Temporary Payroll Tax Cut. 17 December 2011. "The best thing we could do to bring sanity and discipline back to Washington and stimulate the economy would be to stop focusing on the short term and do things that give clarity and predictability for the long term like tackling tax reform which eliminates loopholes, lowers rates and broadens the base, reforming our entitlement programs so they are here for the long term and finally having the discipline to deal with our country's out of control deficit." (
  • Bob Corker. CORKER DELIVERS WEEKLY ADDRESS. 5 May 2012. “We need pro-growth tax reform. This means simplifying the tax code and doing away with most, if not all, of the $1.2 trillion in loopholes and tax expenditures that Congress has created to try to drive your behavior. This would allow us to broaden the tax base and lower rates for everyone.” (
  • Bob Corker. News - “CORKER SAYS “IMPRESSIVE STATEWIDE EFFORT” RESPONSIBLE FOR “RACE TO THE TOP” WIN FOR TENNESSEE SCHOOLS”. 24 August 2012. “I congratulated Governor Bredesen this morning, and thanked him for the impressive statewide effort that he, our legislature, and our educators put forth to secure Tennessee’s success in Race to the Top,” Coker said. “While I couldn’t support the trillion dollar stimulus bill that funded the competition, I am hopeful the education reforms Tennessee is implementing will improve outcomes.” (
  •, WBIR: Corker speaks about No Child Left Behind waiver. 10 August 2011. “When we do things at the federal level, we sort of do it on a one-size-fits-all basis, and a lot of times, most times, state governments are much better at carrying out more tailored efforts toward things like eduction. So I think we should let Gov. Haslam and the general assembly do the things they are the most beneficial to the students of this state”. (
  • Robert Corker. S 953. 112th Congress. Offshore Production and Safety Act. Robert Corker voted Yea on 05/18/2011. (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Votes for Bill to Fund Ongoing Operations of the Federal Government Legislation Funds Critical Defense, Military Construction Projects in Tennessee; Lifts 25-Year Federal Ban on Offshore Oil Exploration. 27 September 2008. "I'm also pleased that passage of this bill means lifting a 25-year ban on offshore drilling. Environmentally friendly offshore oil drilling and oil shale production should serve as a bridge to the future while we invest in alternative energy technology. The reality is we cannot make the transition to alternatives overnight." (
  • Bob Corker. Issue Position: Increasing Energy Security. 15 June 2011. "Senator Corker supports environmentally friendly offshore oil and natural gas production because he believes it is a bridge to the future while we invest in alternative energy technology. The reality is we cannot make the transition to alternatives overnight, and that is why Senator Corker cosponsored the Gas Price Reduction Act in 2008, a bill that would have allowed exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the Outer Continental Shelf. Senator Corker also supports the expansion of nuclear energy as another critical component of boosting our domestic energy supply, and supports the continued development of renewable energy sources." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Signs DeMint Letter Urging End to Bans on Offshore Oil and Western Shale Exploration. 11 September 2008. "We need a balanced approach that will allow us to produce more energy here at home and use less, with a strong emphasis on conservation as we move to alternative energy sources. I support environmentally friendly offshore oil drilling and oil shale production as a bridge to the future while we invest in alternative energy technology." (
  • Environment America. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of Environment America 14 percent in 2009." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker: Offshore Oil Production Should Be a Bridge to the Future While We Invest in Alternative Energy Technology. 18 June 2008. "Offshore oil drilling is not the only solution to our energy needs, nor should it be our primary long-term solution, but freeing up domestic oil production in the U.S. will send an important signal to the markets and should be part of our efforts to move our country toward energy security." (
  • Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund 0 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Cosponsors, Votes for Murkowski Resolution. 10 June 2010. "I cosponsored and voted for the Murkowski resolution to reverse the EPA's 'endangerment finding' for greenhouse gases, because I don't believe it's appropriate for the EPA to mandate large-scale carbon emissions reductions through administrative regulations. If there is any action taken in this regard, it should be done through Congress." (
  • Bob Corker. Issue Position: Increasing Energy Security. 15 June 2011. "Senator Corker firmly believes we should incentivize technologies that will meet the goals of producing clean, stable energy from the country's most abundant energy resource—coal. At the suggestion of Senator Corker, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a hearing on clean coal technologies. This hearing reinforced coal's potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Senator Corker is also supportive of demonstrating new approaches to capture and store carbon dioxide from coal plants and cosponsored two bills to accomplish this, which were included in the Energy Independence and Security Act that was signed into law." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Welcomes White House Request of EPA to Withdraw Premature and Costly Air Quality Regulations Until 2013. 2 September 2011. “Hyperactive regulations from Washington are adding to economic uncertainty facing consumers and businesses and harming efforts to establish an environment for economic growth and new job creation […] I'm pleased the White House has agreed to withdraw these premature and burdensome new rules, recognizing the reality that state and local governments, families, and industries critical to the economy simply can't afford the tens of billions of dollars in compliance costs. Given the challenges we face economically, it only makes sense to wait until 2013 before considering any appropriate changes to rules implemented just a few years ago." (
  • Bob Corker. Letter to The Honorable Lisa Jackson Administrator U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 26 July 2011. “We are writing to express significant concerns regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) reconsideration of the 2008 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ground level ozone. EPA's reconsideration is occurring outside the statutorily directed 5-year review process for NAAQS and without any new scientific basis necessitating a change in the 2008 standard. Moreover, this decision will burden state and local air agencies that, in the current budgetary climate, can hardly cope with existing obligations. Likewise, the economic impact of EPA's proposal, while not determinative in setting NAAQS, are highly concerning, particularly in light of the billions of dollars in new costs that EPA has acknowledged would be imposed on America's manufacturing, energy, industrial, and transportation sectors. In light of EPA's intention to issue the final reconsideration rule by the end of July, the undersigned members of the United States Senate respectfully request that EPA continue its ongoing statutory review of new science, due in 2013, and not finalize the reconsideration at this time.” (
  • League of Conservation Voters. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the League of Conservation Voters 14 percent in 2010." (
  • Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund 0 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Announces Amendments to Climate Security Legislation. 28 May 2008. “Since day one, my goal has been to support a bill that addresses climate security AND energy security in a balanced way. This bill is not that and, in my opinion, is not ready for prime time […] While it does focus on climate change, unfortunately it is also a huge spending bill that uses non-discretionary spending—funded in essence by a tax on the American people—to spend TRILLIONS of dollars on new and existing government programs.” (
  • Robert Corker. S J Res 26. 112th Congress. Statement of Opposition to EPA Greenhouse Gas Rule. Robert Corker voted Yea on 06/10/2010. (
  • Environment America. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of Environment America 14 percent in 2009." (
  • Bob Corker. Chattanooga Free Press - Editorial: Opposing New "Energy Tax'. 11 March 2011. "American families and businesses can't afford the new energy tax that EPA's planned regulation of carbon emissions would create. It is inappropriate for the EPA to mandate large-scale carbon emissions reductions through administrative regulations, and instead, it is my hope that in Congress we will determine a rational energy policy for the country, broadly advancing our energy security and maintaining policies to ensure clean air and water." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Blasts USCAP's Self-Serving Approach to Reducing Carbon. 15 January 2009. "While I deeply respect the companies who put this proposal together, after listening to USCAP's briefing this morning I am very disappointed in their self-serving approach to reducing carbon emissions. It appears their blueprint promotes many of the same problematic provisions that have plagued cap-and-trade bills in the past […] I could support a simple, transparent cap-and-trade system that focuses on auctioning emission allowances, returns all the revenue generated from those auctions to the American people, and doesn’t allow loopholes such as offsets to weaken the market system […] I also support exploring the concept of a carbon tax that returns all generated revenue to the American people as a more efficient and transparent way to address carbon emissions." (
  • Gun Owners of America. 04/18/2012. "In 2010 Gun Owners of America gave Robert Corker a grade of 73." (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 4070. 110th Congress. Prohibiting Funds in the Bill S 1200 from Being Used to Decrease Gun Ownership. Robert Corker voted Yea on 02/25/2008. (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 1618. 111th Congress. Authorizing Concealed Firearms Across State Lines. Robert Corker voted Yea on 07/22/2009. (
  • Bob Corker. Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, Re: Speedy Passage of Second Amendment Rights Legislation. 17 September 2008. "For more than thirty years, the District of Columbia has subjected residents to the most prohibitive gun control laws of any city in the nation, requiring rifles and shotguns to be registered, stored unloaded, and either locked or disassembled. Despite the Court's ruling in June, the District of Columbia city council has continued to exact onerous and unconstitutional firearm regulations on law-abiding residents." (
  • Bob Corker. Letter to The Honorable Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary, Department of the Interior. 14 December 2007. "As you know, 36 CFR 2.4, applicable to the National Park Service, and 50 CFR 27.42, applicable to the Fish and Wildlife Service, prohibits individuals from possessing a firearm on lands managed by those agencies - even citizens with valid concealed weapons permits. These regulations infringe on the rights of law-abiding gun owners, who wish to transport and carry firearms on or across these lands. Also, you will note that other federal land management agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service allow transporting and carrying of firearms on these lands in accordance with the laws of the host state. These inconsistencies in firearms regulations for public lands are confusing, burdensome, and unnecessary. For these reasons, we support an exception to 36 CFR 2.4 and 50 CFR 27.42 to allow law-abiding citizens to transport and carry firearms consistent with state law where the National Park Service's sites and the National Wildlife Refuges are located. Such regulatory changes would respect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, while providing a consistent application of state weapons laws across all land ownership boundaries." (
  • Bob Corker. Issue Position: Protecting Your Right to Bear Arms. 15 June 2011. "Senator Corker supports allowing state conceal and carry laws that would allow people to carry concealed weapons in National Parks and Refuges if state laws allow it." (
  • Bob Corker. Issue Position: Protecting Your Right to Bear Arms. 15 June 2011. "I am committed to safeguarding the rights of law-abiding American citizens, and in the Senate I will be a consistent voice for the second amendment and fight attempts to weaken those rights that are granted in the Constitution.” (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 1067. 111th Congress. Allowing Loaded Guns in National Parks. Robert Corker voted Yea on 05/12/2009. (
  • Bob Corker. “Corker Says Health Care Law is Going to Drive Up Costs, Will Need to be Replaced with Legislation that "Fits the American People"”. 27 March 2012. “There is no way that the projections laid out as to the cost of this bill are going to be what the actual costs are. And so, this body is going to be pressed with replacing this legislation with something that makes common sense. There was actually a lot of bipartisanship, prior to us passing this piece of legislation, about what those common sense measures should be. We ended up, instead, with something that was far more sweeping, something that most Americans find offensive--something that no question is going to cause this nation tremendous fiscal distress. And so my point is, yes, we're going to be watching this June as the Supreme Court rules.” (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 13. 112th Congress. Repealing the Federal Health Care Law. Robert Corker voted Yea on 02/02/2011. (
  • Bob Corker. “Corker Responds to Supreme Court Ruling on Obama Health Care Law”. 28 June 2012. “'Today's ruling makes it clear that it's up to Congress to replace the president's health care law with common sense reforms that our nation and its citizens can afford' […] Corker voted against passage of the health care law and has voted for legislation to repeal it.” (
  • American Public Health Association. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the American Public Health Association 0 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Statement on Two-Year Anniversary of Health Care Law. 23 March 2012. “U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., today made the following statement regarding the two-year anniversary of the president's health care law. On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the health care bill into law. Corker voted against the bill when it passed the Senate and has supported legislation to repeal it.” (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 4231. 110th Congress. Immigration Enforcement and Border Fence Amendment. Robert Corker voted Yea on 03/13/2008. (
  • National Latino Congreso/William C. Velásquez Institute. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of National Latino Congreso/William C. Velásquez Institute 0 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. Bob Corker Statement On The Senate's Vote On Immigration Reform. 26 May 2006. "The immigration reform bill passed by the Senate is too lenient on illegal immigrants already in this country. I would have voted against it. Comprehensive immigration legislation must include strong provisions to secure our borders without the inclusion of amnesty, provide a means for those who want to work here to do so legally, and an instant verification system for employers to use to determine a worker's status." (
  • Bob Corker. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. 23 May 2007. "I look forward to working with other Senators to try to ensure that if this immigration bill passes, it passes in a way that meets the sense of fairness the American public believes this bill ought to have; that it addresses that inequity of people who jumped in front of the line and came here, being here illegally and yet being able to benefit without, during a reasonable period of time, returning home and coming back through legal channels, once we have the mechanisms in place to allow people to do that. I hope to have the opportunity to work with others in this body to make that happen." (
  • Bob Corker. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. 23 May 2007. "I would ask that other Senators work with me and others to create an amendment to this bill that actually would cause, over a reasonable amount of time, people who are working in this country to return to their home country and then come back through legal channels. I think that strikes at the very core of what so many Americans believe is so inappropriate about having illegal immigrants, illegal workers, automatically made legal." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Statement on the DREAM Act. 9 December 2010. "My staff and I have had several meetings with supporters of the DREAM Act and my heart goes out to the students that find themselves in a difficult situation through no fault of their own, but I cannot support legislation that would likely have the effect of encouraging illegal immigration. I believe the American people want to know that we're enforcing the laws that are actually on the books before we make advances in other ways." (
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Federation for American Immigration Reform 93 percent in 2010." (
  • Robert Corker. S Amdt 3117. 110th Congress. Border Fence and Customs Appropriations. Robert Corker voted Yea on 10/03/2007. (
  • American Family Association. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the American Family Association 100 percent in 2010." (
  • Human Rights Campaign. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Human Rights Campaign 0 percent in 2010." (
  • Bob Corker. News. 24 August 2012. “The Defense of Marriage Act has long been the law of the land, and it is a law that I support […] I have strong concerns that this administration appears to be allowing politics to undermine its responsibility to defend established law. (
  • Bob Corker. Issue Position: Same-sex Marriage. 12 August 2012. “As a father and husband, Republican Bob Corker knows that the United States Senate needs to be a place that reflects our commonsense, conservative values—a place that values each and every life, protects the unborn, supports traditional marriage, and reflects an appreciation and deep respect for people of faith. To preserve the traditions of faith and family and uphold our traditional values, we must […] 3. Preserve traditional marriage.” (
  • Bob Corker. Statement from Bob Corker On New Jersey Gay Marriage Ruling. 25 October 2006. "Today's decision by the NJ Supreme Court is yet one more example of activist, liberal judges creating bad law from the bench. I voted on the first day of early voting to prohibit same sex marriage because it protects not just the sanctity of marriage between a man and women, but upholds the views and values of the vast majority of Tennesseans." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Says Administration is Right to Tie Pakistan Aid to Progress Against al-Qaida. 15 April 2011. “If news reports are accurate, the administration is right to finally be recognizing that our country's relationship with Pakistan on security issues is -- unfortunately -- transactional, and therefore our aid should be tied to their efforts against al-Qaida and other extremists. Pakistan must show that it will no longer tolerate terrorist and criminal elements determined to commit violence against the U.S. and our allies, and after all, actions to ferret out these elements are in the national security interests of Pakistan, as well," Corker said. "Our national security is greatly affected by what happens in Southwest Asia, and the American people need assurance that we have a real and lasting partnership with the Pakistanis, who we depend on for security and intelligence cooperation in the fight against international terrorists. With so many taxpayer resources at stake, this apparent change in policy is long overdue." (
  • Bob Corker. Corker Amendment Pushes for Measuring Effectiveness, Future Status of Aid to Pakistan. 30 November 2011. “On my three visits to Afghanistan, our generals on the ground have continually complained that they are fighting a war in Afghanistan that is being led and directed out of Pakistan. For far too long, Pakistan's actions have been inconsistent - to say the least - and it's past time for that to change […] What I've proposed is a good government amendment that asks the Pentagon to do two things as it relates to Coalition Support Funds for Pakistan: first, to ensure Pakistan is using the funds to effectively fight the war against the Taliban and other terrorist networks in their own country, and second, that the Pentagon recommends a thoughtful approach to decreasing this financial support to Pakistan as we wind down our operations in Afghanistan." (
  • Bob Corker. Letter to The Honorable Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State. 23 May 2011. “In the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden, we believe Pakistan must implement concrete measures to counter terrorism. Removing ammonium nitrate from the terrorist arsenal is one such good faith measure that is also in Pakistan's national security interests. Thank you for the State Department's diplomatic efforts and ongoing commitment to removing ammonium nitrate from the battlefield.” (
  • Bob Corker. Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2012--Motion to Proceed. 14 May 2012. “So anyway, because we are talking about Social Security and Medicare, all of us want it to be solvent. That is what we want to see. We want to make sure Medicare and Social Security are here for generations down the road. But we all know--the Medicare trustee has said so--it is going to be insolvent by the year 2024. One way to do deal with it is to put our heads in the sand and just let it happen in the years after we are gone, let it happen to the good citizens of this country. Another solution is to recognize: Hey, this is a big ship, and we need to turn it a little in another direction so these young people sitting in front of us don't have to carry the tab.” (
  • Alliance for Retired Americans. 04/18/2012. "Robert Corker supported the interests of the Alliance for Retired Americans 50 percent in 2008." (

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