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Joe DioGuardi's Public Statements

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11/01/2010 The Debt is Killing Us, Says DioGuardi
11/01/2010 DioGuardi Encourages New York to Get Out the Vote
10/29/2010 Foreclosed Home Becomes Spotlight at DioGuardi Press Conference
10/28/2010 DioGuardi Holds Press Conference at Spectrum Thin Films
10/27/2010 DioGuardi Visits RNC Victory Headquarters in Binghamton
10/27/2010 DioGuardi Visits Capitol Cleaners
10/26/2010 DioGuardi Holds Press Conference at Foreclosed Home
10/25/2010 DioGuardi Holds Press Conference at Fitness Factory of West Seneca
10/25/2010 DioGuardi Tours AMA Precision Screening
10/22/2010 DioGuardi Holds Press Conference at Coles Burger Company
10/21/2010 Gillibrand's Record Has Burned America
10/20/2010 DioGuardi Holds Business Roundtable on Long Island
10/19/2010 DioGuardi Issues Statement Concerning Cablevision vs. Fox Dispute
10/15/2010 DioGuardi Wins Race's First Debate
10/14/2010 DioGuardi Holds Press Conference at Jiffy-Tite
10/13/2010 DioGuardi Launches Guard the American Dream Tour
10/12/2010 $51,000 for the 51st GOP Senator
10/08/2010 Unemployment Rate Does Not Fall ... Again
10/06/2010 DioGuardi Meets with Business Leaders in Albany
10/06/2010 Wall Street Journal - A War Horse Thinks His Time Has Come
10/05/2010 DioGuardi Launches New Statewide Ad
10/05/2010 Gillibrand's Legal Work Hid Tobacco Facts from Americans
10/01/2010 Real Clear Politics - A Revolution Against Incumbency
09/21/2010 DioGuardi Points to Gillibrand's Failed Policies as NY Unemployment Rises
09/15/2010 WICZ.com - FOX 40 Talks with Senate Candidate Joe DioGuardi

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