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Lloyd Smucker's Public Statements


On The Ballot: Running, Republican for U.S. House (PA) - District 11

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05/10/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker More bad news for Americans' budgets. Record high gas prices nationally and in York & Lancaster counties which outpace the national average. Americans deserve affordable energy, but Biden's policies aren't delivering it.
05/09/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker There's no doubt Bidenflation has had a "big negative impact" on my constituents' finances.
05/08/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Do you have an issue with a federal agency or department? Contact my office for assistance.
05/08/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Wishing all #PA11 moms a very happy Mother's Day!
05/07/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Thanks to Guy McIntosh, Executive Director of the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra for stopping by to share all the great things coming up for the orchestra and how they navigated the challenges of the pandemic.
05/07/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Seniors everywhere are paying more because of Bidenflation, which is causing folks to put off or leave their retirements early.
05/06/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Rising interest rates increase the cost of borrowing for the federal government. Read this report from House Budget Committee Republican Leader @RepJasonSmith about how much we could be paying in interest on our national debt.
05/06/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker There are many career pathways to success. It was great to speak with local high school students participating in the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce's Young Men Discovering Paths Mentorship program.
05/06/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker It was great to visit Highway Equipment and Supplies in Brownstown this week to learn more about their operations and how workforce and supply chain issues are impacting their business.
05/05/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker
05/05/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker A week later--gas prices are still above $4 a gallon for Lancaster ($4.42) & York ($4.41) counties.
05/05/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker
05/04/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker It's National #SmallBusinessWeek! Our thanks go out to the over 13,000 small businesses who call #PA11 home. Thanks for pursuing your passion and enriching our community!
05/04/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Bidenflation is crushing workers.
05/03/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Did you miss the last edition of my e-newsletter? Read it here and sign up to receive the next one!
05/03/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker 2/2-I fully support the request by Chief Justice Roberts to investigate this unprecedented and dangerous leak of the court's deliberation. In Congress I will continue to support pro-life policies.
05/03/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker 1/2-I joined over 200 of my colleagues on an amicus brief in the Dobbs case because I believe SCOTUS, as our brief states, should "affirm the constitutional authority of the federal and state governments to safeguard the lives and health of their citizens, born and not yet born."
05/03/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker I enjoyed visiting Ultra Electronics in Lancaster County this week to learn about their operations, tour their facilities and take questions from their employees.
05/01/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Are you having an issue with a federal department or agency? Contact my office, we may be able to help.
05/01/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker The next edition of my e-newsletter will be sent out later today! Be sure to subscribe now to receive the latest news from our district and Washington!
04/30/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Bidenflation is a pay cut.
04/30/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Biden will raise taxes on low- and middle-income earners by letting the TCJA tax cuts expire. Unacceptable.
04/29/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker It's Bidenflation.
04/29/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker America needs secure borders.
04/29/2022 Rep. Lloyd Smucker @RepSmucker Under Biden's budget, by 2032, we'll be spending more on interest payments for the national debt than we're spending on Medicare this year.

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