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Steve Pearce's Public Statements

Date Title
09/27/2006 Stevens-Inouye International Fisheries Monitoring And Compliance Legacy Act Of 2006
09/27/2006 Arthur V. Watkins Dam Enlargement Act Of 2005
09/27/2006 Douglas County, Washington, Pud Conveyance Act
09/27/2006 Pueblo Of Isleta Settlement And Natural Resources Restoration Act Of 2006
09/27/2006 Utah Recreational Land Exchange Act Of 2006
09/27/2006 Long Island Sound Stewardship Act Of 2006
09/27/2006 New Mexico Water Planning Assistance Act
09/27/2006 Authorizing Secretary Of The Interior To Improve California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta And Water Supply
09/27/2006 Esther Martinez Native American Languages Preservation Act Of 2006
09/27/2006 Las Cienegas Enhancement Act
09/27/2006 Lower Republican River Basin Study Act
09/25/2006 Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station Outstanding Natural Area Act Of 2005
09/25/2006 Mississippi River Trail Study Act
09/25/2006 River Raisin National Battlefield Study Act
09/25/2006 Authorizing Land Conveyance To The Missouri River Basin Lewis And Clark Interpretive Trail And Visitor Center Foundation
09/25/2006 Extending Authorization For Establishing A Memorial In The District Of Columbia To Honor Veterans
09/25/2006 National Historic Preservation Act Amendments Of 2006
09/25/2006 New Hampshire Wilderness Act Of 2006
09/25/2006 New Hampshire Wilderness Act Of 2006
09/22/2006 Press Release - Pearce Introduces CLEAN TOWN Act to help New Mexico Parents and Teachers Fight Meth Crisis
09/20/2006 Federal Election Integrity Act Of 2006