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Tom Perriello's Public Statements

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04/29/2017 Issue Position: My Plan to Fix Our Tax System So We Can Invest in the Middle and Working Class
04/26/2017 Issue Position: 13 Ways I Will Fight For Virginia's Environment
04/17/2017 Issue Position: Standing with Virginia Women
04/11/2017 Issue Position: Fighting for Virginia's Working Families
03/29/2017 Issue Positions: Growing the Economy for all Virginians
03/28/2017 Issue Position: Restoring our Educational and Career Training Systems
03/27/2017 Issue Position: Getting to Work on Infrastructure
03/26/2017 Issue Position: Drug Policy and Ending the Opioid Epidemic
03/25/2017 Issue Position: Supporting Immigrant Rights
03/24/2017 Issue Position: Standing up for Women's Rights and Equality
03/23/2017 Issue Position: Ensuring Health Care Remains Affordable and Accessible
03/22/2017 Issue Position: Gun Violence Prevention
03/21/2017 Issue Position: Building a Clean Energy Future and Protecting Our Environment
03/20/2017 Issue Position: Celebrating an Equal Virginia for the LGBTQ Community
03/19/2017 Issue Position: Supporting Our Veterans and Active Military
03/18/2017 Issue Position: Civil Rights and Racial Justice
12/30/2010 Chatham Star Tribune - Congressman Tom Perriello's Washington Report
12/22/2010 Clarifying Federal Responsibility To Pay For Stormwater Pollution
12/22/2010 Helping Heroes Keep Their Homes Act Of 2010
12/03/2010 Perriello Introduces Legislation to Prevent Sexual Violence on Campus
12/02/2010 Campus Save Act
10/18/2010 Keeping Our Promises To Seniors
10/14/2010 Unfinished Business In Washington
10/07/2010 MSNBC "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" - Transcript
09/29/2010 Perriello Votes to Support American Manufacturing Jobs and American-made Products

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