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Kamala Harris' Public Statements

  • Vice President, Democratic President of the Senate
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03/02/2021 Tweet - "My heart goes out to the family of my friend and fellow Howard alum Vernon Jordan. A civil rights leader, Vernon paved the way with his courage and conviction in the fight for racial equality and economic justice. His legacy will live on."
03/02/2021 Tweet - "About 2.5 million women have been forced out of the workforce during the pandemic. The American Rescue Plan provides relief to women and families with $1,400 payments, a $3,000 child tax credit, and funding to safely reopen schools and child care. It's time for the Senate to act."
03/02/2021 Tweet - "Today I spoke with Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP of Australia, our close ally. We discussed regional and global challenges from climate change to COVID-19. @POTUS and I look forward to working with Australia to advance our shared values, security, and prosperity."
03/02/2021 Tweet - "Congratulations to our new Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona. A career educator, @SecCardona understands first-hand what teachers and students need to succeed and will be critical to re-opening our schools safely."
03/02/2021 Readout of Vice President Kamala Harris Call with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia
03/01/2021 Tweet - "We're making progress to beat this virus: - More than 50 million shots in arms - Weekly vaccine shipments of 14.5 million doses - New vaccination centers around the country Get vaccinated when it's your turn. It's safe, and it will save lives."
03/01/2021 Tweet - "There is dignity in all work. And when people can join together in unions, free from interference, every worker is more respected and protected. @POTUS and I support union workers and those working to unionize, in Alabama and across America."
03/01/2021 Tweet - "Women make history every day. Some we know--the Suffragettes, the Riveters. The stories of others--especially women of color and LGBTQ women--have gone untold. This Women's History Month, we honor these women and all women."
02/26/2021 Readout of Vice President Kamala Harris Call with Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of Denmark
02/26/2021 Tweet - "Yesterday, the 50 millionth vaccination was administered since @POTUS and I took office. This is weeks ahead of schedule and we are going to continue making progress every day. So keep wearing a mask, keep social distancing, and get vaccinated when it's your turn."
02/26/2021 Tweet - "Today I spoke with Prime Minister Frederiksen of Denmark. We discussed several issues including, COVID-19, NATO, climate change, China, and the importance of women to our economies. @POTUS and I look forward to working with Denmark to deliver a greener, more secure future."
02/26/2021 Tweet - "I spoke with President Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo about good governance and reforms, COVID-19, Ebola, trade, girls' education, the environment, and economic opportunity. We agreed to deepen our partnership to advance the shared interests of our people."
02/26/2021 Readout of Vice President Kamala Harris Call with President Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
02/26/2021 Tweet - "The House has voted to pass the American Rescue Plan. This is a critical step towards getting relief to those who need it, getting people vaccinated, getting kids back to school, and getting Americans back to work. The Senate should take quick action to move the bill forward."
02/25/2021 Tweet - "This afternoon I swore in Jennifer Granholm as the Secretary of Energy. @SecGranholm 's commitment to creating good-paying American jobs and addressing the climate crisis will be essential as we shift towards a clean energy economy. Congratulations Secretary."
02/25/2021 Tweet - "The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act represents an important step towards ensuring more accountability and transparency in policing. I join @POTUS in encouraging Congress to pass this legislation and get it to the President's desk."
02/24/2021 Tweet - "Today I swore in Linda Thomas-Greenfield as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. An esteemed foreign service officer with decades of experience, she will be a champion for U.S. diplomacy at the UN and around the world. Congratulations @USAmbUN on this historic moment."
02/24/2021 Tweet - "Yesterday, @POTUS and I met with Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau to discuss our close partnership. We look forward to working closely together to combat COVID-19, fight climate change, advance diversity and inclusion, and prioritize our security and defense."
02/24/2021 Tweet - "Congratulations to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on his swearing-in. During this critical time, @SecVilsack brings first-hand experience to strengthening our rural economy, building better food systems while combatting climate change, and helping end hunger."
02/23/2021 Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada Before Virtual Bilateral Meeting
02/23/2021 Tweet - "A year ago, Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed while on a run. As we remember Ahmaud today, we commit to building a future where Black Americans no longer have to live in fear-- simply because of the color of their skin."
02/22/2021 Tweet - "Millions of small businesses -- especially those owned by women and people of color -- are struggling to keep their doors open. Today, our Administration announced key changes to the Paycheck Protection Program that will help get relief to more small businesses across the country."
02/22/2021 Tweet - "American families have lost more than 500,000 sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to COVID-19. Today and every day, we're remembering them and fighting for them."
02/22/2021 Tweet - "There's a hunger crisis in our country, and it's impacting children. This shouldn't happen to any child or family. Congress needs to pass the American Rescue Plan, which addresses the hunger crisis and gets relief to those Americans who need it."
02/19/2021 Tweet - "Our administration will continue working hand-in-hand with state and local authorities to bring relief to the people of Texas and all those nationwide who are impacted by the extreme weather."

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