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Kamala Harris' Public Statements on Issue: Reproduction

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03/13/2023 Press Call By Vice President Harris on Reproductive Rights
03/07/2023 Statement from Vice President Harris on Lawsuit on Behalf of Texans Harmed by the State's Abortion Bans
02/24/2023 Remarks by Vice President Harris on Access to Reproductive Healthcare
01/26/2023 Tweet - "Republicans in Congress are now calling for a nationwide abortion ban. The right of every woman across the country to make decisions about her own body is on the line. How dare they?"
01/25/2023 Tweet - "Our Administration has called on Congress to put the protections of Roe v. Wade into federal law. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are working to pass a national abortion ban that would take away reproductive freedom in all 50 states."
01/22/2023 Tweet - "Today should have been the 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Instead, extremist so-called leaders have taken away a woman's fundamental freedom to make decisions about her own body. This afternoon, I'm speaking in Tallahassee, Florida about our fight ahead."
01/22/2023 Tweet - "Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortion is now banned in more than a dozen states. Extremists in state legislatures are calling for more restrictions as Congressional Republicans push a national ban. This must stop. @POTUS and I are fighting back--and we will win."
01/22/2023 Tweet - "President Biden and I agree: We will not back down from protecting reproductive freedom. We know this fight will not be won until we secure the right to reproductive freedom for every American. Congress must pass a bill that protects freedom, liberty, and reproductive rights."
01/22/2023 Remarks by Vice President Harris on the 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
01/18/2023 Tweet - "Last week, House Republicans passed an extreme bill that would further jeopardize the right to reproductive health care in our nation. This is yet another attempt by Republican legislators to control women's bodies."
01/05/2023 Tweet - "It can be incredibly dangerous to be pregnant in an abortion-restricted state. I am concerned about women, like Kaitlyn, who cannot get the care they need because of laws that criminalize doctors for doing their job. These restrictions on women's bodies are absolutely shameful."
01/02/2023 Tweet - "In 2023, we will continue the fight for reproductive rights. It's time Congress pass the Women's Health Protection Act."
11/11/2022 Tweet - "Voters in Vermont, Michigan, California, and Kentucky voted to protect reproductive rights. To everyone who made that possible, thank you."
11/09/2022 Tweet - "Make no mistake--the majority of Americans support a woman's right to make decisions about her own body. And the people of Michigan, Kentucky, Vermont and California stood up to protect reproductive rights with their vote last night."
11/08/2022 Tweet - "With so much at stake, one thing is clear: we will continue fighting for reproductive rights."
10/22/2022 Remarks by Vice President Harris in a Conversation on Reproductive Rights
10/21/2022 Tweet - "President Biden has said he will sign a bill that would put into law the protections of Roe v. Wade if it's presented to him. If you care about reproductive health care, let your elected officials know where you stand and make your voices heard."
10/19/2022 Tweet - "This is what happens when extreme abortion bans are put into effect. Women like Amanda are left in life-threatening situations that could have otherwise been prevented. Congressional Republicans are still pushing for a national ban on abortion."
10/17/2022 Remarks by Vice President Harris in a Conversation on Protecting Reproductive Rights
10/14/2022 Tweet - "Right now, young people across the country are feeling the effects of the Supreme Court taking away a constitutional right in the Dobbs decision. This afternoon I will convene student leaders to discuss our fight to protect reproductive health care."
10/11/2022 Tweet - "A national abortion ban is wildly out of step with what most Americans believe in. Republicans in Congress should stay out of women's personal decisions."
10/09/2022 Remarks by Vice President Harris in a Conversation on Reproductive Rights
10/04/2022 Remarks by President Biden and Vice President Harris at the Second Meeting of the Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access
10/04/2022 Tweet - "Congressional Republicans are fighting to pass an extreme national abortion ban that will criminalize providers, take away reproductive rights, and put women's health at risk. The message is clear. We're fighting to protect your rights, while they work to take them away."
10/04/2022 Tweet - "Reproductive health care is an issue that impacts your freedom and liberty. All women should have the freedom to make decisions about their own bodies--not the government."

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