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Matt Rosendale's Public Statements

  • U.S. House (MT) - At-Large, Republican
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06/03/2021 Letter to the Hon. Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader and the Hon. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader - Border Security Caucus Co-Chairs Urge Senate Leaders to Reject Biden's DHS Nominees
05/28/2021 Letter to the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House - Owens Urges Pelosi to Investigate True Origins of COVID-19
05/25/2021 Letter to the Hon. Lloyd J. Austin III, Secretary of Defense - Rep. Rosendale Calls to Fight Back Against Left-Wing Extremism and the Politicization of our Military
05/21/2021 Rep. Rosendale Fights for Affordable Health Care
05/21/2021 Rep. Rosendale Joins Gosar in Resolution to Terminate COVID-19 Emergency Declaration
05/17/2021 Establishing Veterans Economic Opportunity and Transition Administration
05/17/2021 Homeless Veterans with Children Reintegration Act
05/17/2021 Native Vetsuccess At Tribal Colleges and Universities Pilot Program Act
05/17/2021 Va Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor Modernization Act
05/17/2021 Rural Stem Education Research Act
05/17/2021 West Los Angeles Va Campus Improvement Act of 2021
05/17/2021 Coastal and Ocean Acidification Stressors and Threats Research Act of 2021
05/17/2021 Stem Opportunities Act
05/17/2021 Directing Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Submit A Report on Use of Cameras in Medical Centers of Department of Veterans Affairs
05/17/2021 National Estuaries and Acidification Research Act of 2021
05/17/2021 Supporting Early-Career Researchers Act
05/17/2021 Sgt. Ketchum Rural Veterans Mental Health Act of 2021
05/17/2021 Msi Stem Achievement Act
05/17/2021 Gi Bill National Emergency Extended Deadline Act
05/17/2021 Va Transparency Trust Act of 2021
05/17/2021 Combating Sexual Harassment in Science Act
05/17/2021 Improving Va Accountability to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Act of 2021
05/13/2021 Rep. Rosendale Introduces Act to Restrict Funding to Lawless Cities
05/12/2021 Rep. Rosendale Statement on Cheney Removal
05/07/2021 Letter to the Hon. Joe Biden, President of the United States - Rep. Calvert Urges Biden Administration to Stop Indoctrinating Students with Critical Race Theory

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