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Rick Snyder's Public Statements

Date Title
07/03/2012 Snyder Signs Most of Election Reform Legislation
07/03/2012 Snyder Signs Bill to Improve Student Safety
07/02/2012 Snyder Signs Bills to Increase Correctional Facility Safety
07/02/2012 Snyder Signs Land Management Legislation
06/29/2012 Snyder Signs Bills to Commit Dollars to Infrastructure
06/29/2012 Snyder Signs Bill Lowering Income Tax Rate and Increasing Personal Tax Exemptions
06/28/2012 Snyder Signs Bill Creating Work-Share to Retain Talent
06/28/2012 Snyder Sings Bills to Promote Access to Telemedicine
06/28/2012 Governor Issues Statement on Ruling of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
06/28/2012 Snyder Orders Creation of Autism Council
06/27/2012 Snyder Issues Revise Executive Order to Enhance Services for People with Disabilities
06/27/2012 Snyder Signs Bills to Protect Religious Gatherings from Disruption
06/26/2012 Snyder Signs FY 13 Budget Bills
06/26/2012 Economic Growth, Next Energy Authorities Merged with Strategic Fund
06/26/2012 Signs Bill to Bolster Fruit Farmers, Other Bills Increase Prison Time for Child Abuse, Prevent Bridge Card Abuse, Raise Kindergarten Age
06/25/2012 Snyder Signs Capital Outlay Bill in Support of Higher Education
06/22/2012 Snyder Commends Indigent Defense Advisory Commission for Work
06/21/2012 Governor Taps Rodney Stokes to Lead 'Placemaking' Initiatives for Vibrant Cities
06/20/2012 Snyder Signs Bills to Streamline Tax Collection
06/19/2012 Snyder Signs Bill to Update Food Safety Regulations
06/19/2012 Snyder Signs Bill to Classify K2, Spice as Schedule 1 Drugs
06/19/2012 Snyder Signs Senior Protection Legislation