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Rick Scott's Public Statements

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06/24/2022 Sen. Rick Scott: SCOTUS is Right to Protect Life, Respect Federalism & Reverse Roe
06/24/2022 Tweet - "Today's historic decision made by the court on #Dobbs correctly confirms that there is no constitutional right to take a child's life. I firmly believe that life begins at conception and that every child deserves to be welcomed into this world with open arms."
06/15/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden & his admin claim to care about fighting disinformation, but they've repeatedly lied to Americans. @SenGaryPeters must hold a hearing with @SecMayorkas regarding his misleading @HSGAC testimony from May 4 on Biden's thought police & attack on free speech."
06/14/2022 Tweet - "For 247 years, the @USArmy has bravely defended our great nation and the American way of life. We owe endless gratitude to our soldiers, veterans and their families for their dedicated sacrifice and service. #AlwaysReady"
06/14/2022 Sen. Rick Scott on PPI Inflation Report: Joe Biden's Inflation Crisis is Destroying the Nation
06/14/2022 Tweet - "Since 1777, our American flag has served as the greatest symbol of freedom, democracy and hope to our nation and the world. Today and every day, we proudly honor the Stars and Stripes and all that it stands for."
06/14/2022 Sens. Rick Scott and Ben Ray Luján Introduce Bill to Increase Availability for HIV/AIDS Prevention Treatment
06/13/2022 Letter to Gary Peters, Chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee - Portman Leads HSGAC Republicans in Demanding Hearing on Disinformation Governance Board
06/13/2022 Tweet - "This is the impact of @JoeBiden 's raging inflation crisis. Biden's failed leadership is shrinking hardworking Americans' budgets & forcing families to pay more for EVERYTHING. Biden created this crisis with his reckless spending. If he wants to fix it, he should resign."
06/12/2022 Tweet - "It's been six years since the shooting at Pulse Nightclub. Today, we honor the 49 innocent lives lost too soon. This terror attack against our Hispanic & LGBTQ communities was designed to strike fear, but hate never wins. Floridians always come together in love & strength."
06/11/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden seems to forget that his socialist Green New Deal policies & war on American energy have caused gas prices to skyrocket since the day he took office. Blame-Game Biden can point fingers all he wants, but the American people know he's the problem."
06/10/2022 Sen. Rick Scott: Joe Biden Has Heartlessly Turned His Back on Americans
06/10/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden can't stop lying about me. Unlike Biden, I've never supported a tax hike. I've actually cut taxes 100 times…more than anyone in Washington. Unlike Biden, I've never supported cutting Social Security & Medicare. I'll stick with the facts while Biden incoherently lies."
06/10/2022 Tweet - "On point, @newtgingrich . Under @JoeBiden 's socialist policies & reckless spending, Americans are struggling as they see their budgets shrink & prices go up on everything. It's clear Biden is too incompetent to see the pain his policies have caused."
06/09/2022 Sens. Rick Scott & Roger Marshall Lead Bill to Allow Excess COVID Funds for School Safety
06/09/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden can find time to go on late night comedy, but can't go see the crisis at our southern border? The biggest joke on @JimmyKimmelLive last night was Biden's presidency & Americans aren't laughing."
06/09/2022 Sen. Rick Scott, Rep. Michael Waltz Introduce the KREMLIN Act to Thwart Putin's Regime
06/09/2022 Letter to Hon. Jessica Rosenworcel, Chairwoman of the FCC - Sens. Rick Scott, Marco Rubio Sound the Alarm on the Sale of Spanish-Language Radio Stations to Newly Formed Leftwing Media Group
06/08/2022 Tweet - "The Biden admin is clueless. Not only have they ignored my calls for over a year to fight fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer-funded COVID unemployment relief, but they have ZERO IDEA how many of Americans' tax dollars have been stolen. @JoeBiden is confused & unfit to lead."
06/07/2022 Tweet - ""Everything that they can?" Wrong. @JoeBiden has done NOTHING to drive down skyrocketing gas prices. He created a crisis that is devastating families & now he's turned his back on all of us. If Biden refuses to fix this & end his war on U.S. energy, he should resign."
06/07/2022 The Washington Examiner - "Joe Biden's Heartless Message on Inflation"
06/06/2022 Tweet - "Really? You're bragging right now? The day before you took office, inflation was 1.4% and the average cost of gas was $2.39 per gallon. Today, inflation is 8.3% and gas is nearly $5 per gallon. Under your admin, American families are suffering."
06/05/2022 Tweet - "Is it really possible that the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE is not involved in the admin's response to a baby formula shortage driven by ongoing supply chain issues they've refused to solve? Unfortunately, yes. That's how incompetent @JoeBiden is. (1/2)"
06/04/2022 Tweet - "Thirty-three years ago, the Chinese Communist Party massacred thousands of innocent democracy activists. Today, we honor those lost in this brutal tragedy, remember that Communist China is still ruled by a murderous regime & renew our pledge to democracy. #TiananmenSquareMasacre"
06/03/2022 Sen. Rick Scott Issues Weekly Update on Biden's Inflation Crisis

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