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Rick Scott's Public Statements

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06/28/2022 Tweet - " . @JoeBiden has blood on his hands. This is the deadly cost of his open borders & amnesty policies. END THE CRISIS NOW. SECURE THE BORDER."
06/27/2022 Tweet - "Today's decision once again rightly affirms the constitutional right to freely exercise one's religious beliefs and that discrimination has no place in our country. #SCOTUS"
06/26/2022 Tweet - "Iran is our adversary & cannot be trusted. Earlier this year, I joined @SenTedCruz and our colleagues in sending a clear message to @JoeBiden that we will block any deal he strikes with the Iranian regime that is not first approved by Congress."
06/25/2022 Tweet - "I believe life begins at conception because I believe in science and place value in every life, born and unborn. When do Democrats believe life begins? They won't say and it's time they have an answer."
06/24/2022 Tweet - "Today's historic decision made by the court on #Dobbs correctly confirms that there is no constitutional right to take a child's life. I firmly believe that life begins at conception and that every child deserves to be welcomed into this world with open arms."
06/24/2022 Sen. Rick Scott: SCOTUS is Right to Protect Life, Respect Federalism & Reverse Roe
06/24/2022 Sen. Rick Scott Issues Weekly Update on Biden's Inflation Crisis
06/23/2022 Sen. Rick Scott: Senate Bill Not Like Florida Law & Weakens Due Process
06/23/2022 Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio Honor Surfside Community Ahead of One Year Anniversary of Tragic Building Collapse
06/23/2022 Tweet - "Happy birthday to my friend, Justice Clarence Thomas -- a great American and defender of the Constitution. #SCOTUS"
06/22/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden and the radical Left are waging a war on work. They want to make hardworking Americans totally dependent on the gov't. That needs to end. If we want to rescue America, it's time to get back to work. #LetsGetToWorkAct"
06/21/2022 Sen. Rick Scott Introduces Bill to Get Americans Back to Work
06/21/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden just doesn't care. He's oblivious to the suffering of Americans & it makes me furious. Even as Biden's raging inflation crisis is destroying the American Dream for families, he has no plan to fix it."
06/20/2022 Tweet - "For decades, Colombia has been our strongest democratic ally in LATAM. That cannot be lost. The support of regimes in Cuba & VZ for Petro is troubling. @JoeBiden must remind Petro that a mutual love of freedom & hatred for tyranny is what keeps U.S. -Colombian relations strong."
06/19/2022 Tweet - "Being a father and a grandfather is the greatest joy of my life and I wouldn't be who I am today without the unconditional love of my adopted father. I hope every dad spends #FathersDay with loved ones celebrating the joys of parenthood."
06/18/2022 Tweet - "While @JoeBiden jets off on yet ANOTHER vacation, American families are struggling to afford gas, groceries, rent, and find baby formula for their kids. If Biden wants to hide from the problems his disastrous policies have caused, he should resign."
06/17/2022 Tweet - ". @Harvard 's $115M donation from a Communist China-tied company in exchange for access to U.S. government officials is deeply alarming. The university must answer for this clear attempt by Communist China to cover-up the origins of COVID-19."
06/17/2022 Sen. Rick Scott Applauds South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act Becoming Law
06/17/2022 Sen. Rick Scott Issues Weekly Update on Biden's Inflation Crisis
06/16/2022 Sen. Rick Scott: NDAA is Big Win for National Security, Florida's Military Bases
06/16/2022 Manchin, Bipartisan Colleagues Introduce All-American Flag Act
06/16/2022 Sen. Rick Scott: Biden Must End Silence, Stop Disgusting Appeasement & Stand Up for the Cuban People
06/16/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden must speak out against these hateful, violent threats on pro-life pregnancy centers in Florida & across the nation. Violence is unacceptable & @TheJusticeDept needs to take serious action to prevent attacks against these centers."
06/15/2022 Tweet - ". @JohnKerry is completely out of touch with reality. Our poorest families, like mine growing up, are being crushed with RECORD-HIGH gas prices. While you're struggling to make ends meet, the Biden admin is heartlessly doubling down on its war on American energy."
06/15/2022 Tweet - ". @JoeBiden & his admin claim to care about fighting disinformation, but they've repeatedly lied to Americans. @SenGaryPeters must hold a hearing with @SecMayorkas regarding his misleading @HSGAC testimony from May 4 on Biden's thought police & attack on free speech."

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