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Bill Hagerty's Public Statements

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03/27/2023 Tweet -Devastated and heartbroken about the tragic news at Covenant School. I'm grateful to law enforcement and first responders for their heroic actions. I am monitoring the situation closely, and my office is in contact with local officials & available to anyone needing assistance.
03/08/2023 Disapproving the Action of the District of Columbia Council in Approving the Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022
03/08/2023 Motion to Discharge--H.J. Res. 26
03/07/2023 DC Criminal Code
02/10/2023 Letter to Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education - Cassidy, Foxx, Colleagues Urge Biden Administration to Revoke their Reckless Student Loan Scheme
01/31/2023 Risch, Colleagues Reintroduce Bill to Expand Prohibitions on Use of Foreign Assistance Funding for Abortions
01/30/2023 Letter to Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Cortez Masto Leads Bipartisan Letter in Support of Medicare Advantage Program
12/20/2022 Letter to Tae Johnson, Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement - Blackburn, Hagerty Press ICE On Plan To Release Illegal Immigrants In Tennessee
12/13/2022 Letter to Martin Walsh, Secretary of Labor - Sens. Braun, Burr, Thune and Rep. Foxx Lead Republican Colleagues in Urging Department of Labor to Protect Independent Contractor Classification
12/12/2022 Letter to Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior - Romney, Colleagues Urge Interior Secretary to Withdraw Guidance That Would Impede Energy Infrastructure Projects
12/08/2022 Executive Calendar
12/07/2022 Letter to Lauren McFerran, Chair of the National Labor Relations Board - NLRB's Massive Overreach Stymies American Businesses
12/05/2022 Kaine, Rubio, Cardin & Hagerty Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Support Human Rights in Venezuela
12/01/2022 Letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security - Cassidy, Hagerty, Colleagues Demand Answers from Biden Administration on Failure to File Court Documents for Illegal Immigrants
11/30/2022 Letter to Martin Walsh, Secretary of Labor - Hagerty Warns Biden Administration That Costly Green-new-deal Mandates on Americans' Retirement Savings and Federal Contractors Require Congressional Review
11/30/2022 Hagerty Seeks Commitment From Fdic to Remain Free of Politically-motivated Decisions
11/21/2022 Letter to Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States - Hagerty, Rubio, Colleagues Call Out Biden Administration's Reported Efforts to Censor Americans
11/17/2022 Letter to Michael Regan, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - Grassley, Ernst Urge Biden Admin To Choose Less Burdensome, More Affordable Emissions Rule
11/16/2022 Letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security - Sens. Marshall, Hagerty Demand Answers from DHS on Corrupted Migrant Detention Program
11/03/2022 Hagerty to Introduce Bill to Require Doj to Prioritize Stopping Violent Crime and Fentanyl Trafficking Over Abusing the Face Act to Prosecute Nonviolent Pro-life Advocates
11/01/2022 Letter to Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense - Gallagher, Rubio Express Concern Over Indo-Pacific Force Posture
10/26/2022 Letter to Phillip Swagel, Director of the Congressional Budget Office - Grassley, Colleagues Seek Nonpartisan Debt Assessment Of Democrats' Reckless Spending
10/13/2022 Letter to Antony Blinken, Secretary of State - Cardin, Hagerty Urge State Department to Encourage Honduras to Honor Legal Guarantees with Respect to U.S. Investments
10/13/2022 Hagerty Statement on 8.2 Percent Annualized Rate of Inflation for September
10/06/2022 Letter to Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education - Cotton, Colleagues Call for Answers on Possible Double-dipping Student Loan "refunds" for Federal Employees

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