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Brad Sherman's Public Statements

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09/19/2023 Recognizing Timothy D. Armour for Working to Improve People's Lives Through Successful Investing
08/22/2023 Caucus Membership
07/18/2023 Relating to A National Emergency Declared By the President on May 2004
07/18/2023 Expressing the Sense of Congress Supporting the State of Israel
07/18/2023 Relating to A National Emergency Declared By the President on February 2011
07/11/2023 250th Anniversary of the United States Marine Corps Commemorative Coin Act
07/11/2023 Amending the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to Codify Certain Securities and Exchange Commission No-Action Letters That Exclude Brokers and Dealers Compensated for Certain Research Services From the Definition of Investment Adviser
07/11/2023 Improving Access to Small Business Information Act
06/21/2023 Raising A Question of the Privileges of the House
06/05/2023 National Senior Investor Initiative Act of 2023
06/05/2023 Encouraging Public Offerings Act of 2023
06/05/2023 Accredited Investor Definition Review Act
06/05/2023 Financial Statement Reporting Requirements for Emerging Growth Companies
06/05/2023 Registration Statement Contents for Emerging Growth Companies
06/05/2023 Fair Investment Opportunities for Professional Experts Act
06/05/2023 Middle Market Ipo Cost Act
04/28/2023 Issues of the Day
03/27/2023 Working Toward A Better Banking System
02/09/2023 Condemning the Chinese Communist Party's Use of A High-Altitude Surveillance Balloon Over United States Territory As A Brazen Violation of United States Sovereignty
02/06/2023 Wall Street-Beijing Axis
01/27/2023 Strategic Production Response Act
01/26/2023 Humanitarian Crisis in Artsakh
01/12/2023 Letter to Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States - Meeks, Castro, Gallego, García, Wild Lead 46 Members Calling on Biden to Revoke Bolsonaro's U.S. Visa, Investigate U.S.-Based Instigators of Brazilian Insurrection
01/12/2023 Protecting America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve From China Act
01/11/2023 Strong Nations Need Tax Collection

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