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Gary Palmer's Public Statements

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01/20/2022 Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House - Rogers, Colleagues Express Outrage Over Taxpayer Dollars Being Used to Buy Made-In-China Masks
01/12/2022 Letter to Hon. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State - Womack, House Republicans Urge Biden to Withdraw from Vienna Talks
12/25/2021 Tweet - "Merry Christmas to your family from mine! I hope you have a blessed day of rest and celebration."
12/23/2021 Tweet - "#AL06 residents, if you were affected by the severe storms and flooding in early October, you can now apply for @fema disaster assistance at See more details in this press release from FEMA:"
12/17/2021 Tweet - "Another week, another terrible record for illegal crossings. Last month is now officially the worst November for illegal crossings in the history of DHS."
12/17/2021 Tweet - "Faith-based childcare providers and agencies play an integral role in caring for our nation's families and children. I'm proud to sign on to this letter to stand up for their rights to run according to their convictions."
12/15/2021 Tweet - "Inflation is causing financial hardship across the country, but Democrats still voted to raise the national debt ceiling this week. They can't seem to accept that our current debt levels threaten our security and our country's future. My full statement:"
12/15/2021 Palmer on Further Debt Ceiling Extension: "Democrats Can't Accept Any Limit on Wasteful Spending"
12/15/2021 Tweet - "I spoke on the House floor last night to warn of the consequences that will come of continuing to raise the debt ceiling to pass recklessly expensive spending bills. Mounting debt will cripple our economy and make it harder to address income inequality and infrastructure. Watch:"
12/14/2021 Tweet - "Happy birthday, Alabama! On this day in 1819, Alabama became the 22nd state admitted into the union. See more antique map images like this, and more resources highlighting Alabama's history from the #LibraryofCongress at the link below. @librarycongress"
12/14/2021 Letter to Hon. Janet Woodcock MD, Acting Commissioner FDA - Wexton and Herrera Beutler Lead Bipartisan Letter Urging FDA to Protect Women's Access to Compounded Hormone Therapies
12/14/2021 Tweet - "A record high number of small businesses were forced to raise prices in November due to inflation. Week after week, reports confirm what's abundantly obvious by now: Biden economic policies are failing Americans."
12/10/2021 Tweet - "Inflation hit its highest rate in decades this past month. Americans cannot afford President Biden's economic crisis indefinitely. More wasteful government spending will only make it worse."
12/07/2021 Alabama House Delegation Introduces Resolution on ALFA 100th Anniversary
12/03/2021 Letter to Hon. Jennifer Granholm, Secretary Dept. of Energy; Hon. Gina Raimondo, Secretary Dept. of Commerce - Do Not Ban Energy Exports
11/04/2021 Letter to the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and the Hon. Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader - Upton, House Republicans Request Full and Transparent Appraisal of Democrats' Partisan Spending Package
11/02/2021 Letter to Hon. Joe Biden, President of the United States - Congressman Van Drew Issues Statement on the Biden Administration's Proposal to Re-Open a Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem
10/26/2021 Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act of 2021
10/22/2021 Tweet - "Tomorrow is National Prescription Drug #TakeBackDay ! Appropriately disposing of expired medications is an easy way to help prevent drug misuse and overdose. Check out this link to find drop-off sites near you:"
10/22/2021 Tweet - "Democrats have removed the #HydeAmendment from their spending spree, meaning Americans will have to foot the bill for abortions with their taxes. This is wrong. Our tax dollars should never be used for abortion, and I'll always fight for the right to life."
10/22/2021 Letter to Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury - Graves Tells IRS To Stop Snooping in Bank Accounts
10/21/2021 Tweet - "Parents across our country are speaking up for the safety and education of their children, but House Democrats want to hide it. I stand with these brave parents. We must call out and reject divisive ideologies like CRT and gender theory that are infiltrating our nation's schools."
10/21/2021 Letter to Hon. Joe Biden, President of the United States - Graves and Colleagues Label Supply Chain Crisis as Another Poor Decision That Was Avoidable
10/20/2021 Tweet - "Arrest numbers at the border are the highest they've been in 35 years. When will the Biden Administration take responsibility for this crisis that its open-border rhetoric has caused?"

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