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Gary Palmer's Public Statements

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03/08/2023 Congressman Palmer Announces 2023 U.S. Service Academy Nominations
02/15/2023 GOP Rep. Palmer: U.S. in a "Very Bad Spot' as China's Moves to Fulfill Mao's 100-Year Plan
02/14/2023 Palmer Introduces Gold Medal Bill in Honor of the 761st Tank Battalion
02/07/2023 Palmer Reacts to Biden's Sate of The Union Address
01/24/2023 Settlement Agreement Information Database Act of 2023
01/24/2023 Palmer Bill Creates Transparency within Federal Agencies
01/17/2023 Rep. Gary Palmer Announces Committee Assignments, Rejoining the Committee on Oversight
01/10/2023 Rep. Gary Palmer Votes to Defund President Biden's Army of IRS Agents
12/13/2022 Recognizing the Life of Charles ``red'' Farmer
12/08/2022 Rep. Gary Palmer Supports the NDAA for FY2023
12/08/2022 Rep. Gary Palmer Opposes the Respect for Marriage Act
11/17/2022 Tweet -"Because of the Democrats' disastrous policies, we are in an energy crisis. Increases in energy costs are causing people to choose between food and heat. This is unacceptable- we need to unleash American energy to bring costs back down."
11/15/2022 Tweet - "I am very grateful for the support I received from my Republican colleagues."
11/15/2022 Tweet - "You can read my most recent newsletter here:"
11/15/2022 Tweet - "I am very grateful to receive the support of my Republican colleagues to be re-elected to serve as Republican Policy Committee Chairman in the 118th Congress. @GOPpolicy and I are ready to get to work."
11/15/2022 Tweet - "Did you receive my most recent newsletter? To stay up to date on my work around the district (#AL06) and in DC, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here:"
11/11/2022 Tweet - "The Magic City is home to the longest running Veterans' Day parade in the nation. Since 1947, this national holiday provides an opportunity to pay respect to those who selflessly devoted their time to protect the freedoms of others and lets them know it has not gone unnoticed."
11/11/2022 Tweet - "The 75th anniversary of #VeteransDay has a special meaning to the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Our very own Raymond Weeks was the driving force behind making this a day that honors all of those who have served in our nation's military. #AL06"
11/11/2022 Tweet - "I was honored to attend an event last night in Birmingham to commemorate the importance of this day and those, like Raymond Weeks, who made it a reality. On behalf of a grateful nation, we thank our veterans for all they have done for us and our freedoms. #VeteransDay2022 #AL06"
11/10/2022 Tweet - "Great to tour the Elder Justice Center of Alabama located in Montevallo. This center is a model for the state and nation, providing outreach and education, caregiver support, training for professionals, and other services for older adults. Special thanks to Director Robyn James."
11/10/2022 Tweet - "Thanks to the Irondale Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to speak at their November luncheon."
11/08/2022 Tweet - "I'm live with JT @1055WERC . Tune in now!"
11/08/2022 Tweet - "I'll be joining @JudyWoodruff on @NewsHour shortly to talk about #Election2022. You can watch it live here:"
11/04/2022 Tweet - "The Biden Administration has let our southern border get out of control, and House Democrats have no plan to stop this. My GOP colleagues and I promise to create and border that is secure so that we can have a nation that is safe. #CommitmentToAmerica"
10/28/2022 Tweet - "Honored to speak at the NCFI Cyber Crimes Conference in Hoover. Thank you to all of the federal, state, and local law enforcement who work tirelessly to investigate and prevent cyber and digital crimes. #AL06"

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