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Gary Palmer's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (AL) - District 6, Republican Minority Policy Committee Chair

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01/05/2021 Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Authorization Act of 2021
01/05/2021 Inspector General Protection Act
01/05/2021 Settlement Agreement Information Database Act of 2021
01/05/2021 Construction Consensus Procurement Improvement Act of 2021
01/05/2021 Congressional Budget Justification Transparency Act of 2021
12/22/2020 Palmer Legislation Passes Senate
12/22/2020 Tweet - "I'm pleased that the Senate passed my bill on transparency and accountability in federal projects today. Read more here:"
12/21/2020 Palmer Supports Appropriations & COVID-19 Relief Bill
12/21/2020 Tweet - "The House passed an appropriations and #COVID19 relief package today. Read more here on why I decided to support it:"
12/17/2020 Tweet - "Today in an Oversight hearing, we addressed Purdue Pharma's role in the opioid crisis, specifically how it pushed OxyContin into the market. It's concerning that Purdue seems to have dishonestly influenced doctors & the general public about this drug:"
12/14/2020 Tweet - "Thanks to our dedicated medical researchers and innovators, and President Trump's whole-of-America approach through #OperationWarpSpeed, the first #COVID19Vaccine, developed by @pfizer , has been approved! THANK YOU to all who worked to make this historic achievement possible."
12/10/2020 Tweet - "Proud to stand for small businesses this morning with my @HouseGOP colleagues. Thanks to continued obstruction from Pelosi & House Dems, there is $138 billion from the #PaycheckProtectionProgram sitting unused when it could be helping businesses stay afloat. It's time to act NOW."
12/09/2020 National Bible Week
12/08/2020 Palmer Votes in Favor of NDAA
12/08/2020 Tweet - "Today, President Trump hosted an #OperationWarpSpeed Summit to give updates on #COVID19Vaccine candidates and distribution. Thanks to this incredible public-private partnership, we have hope that a safe, effective vaccine will be available soon!"
12/04/2020 Palmer Criticizes Pelosi for Prioritizing Marijuana as Americans Struggle
11/30/2020 Tweet - "We are getting closer every day to delivering a safe and effective #COVID19 vaccine. This is a helpful fact sheet from the @gopdoccaucus on candidates from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. All show promise & have been supported by #OperationWarpSpeed: https://wenstrup.house.gov/uploadedfiles/2020.11.30_ows_vaccine_fact_sheet_p-m-aznew.pdf?utm_source=2019+House+GOP+Staff+List&utm_campaign=8ee0c5de63-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_01_31_08_56_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a8407dc016-8ee0c5de63-147444421"
11/18/2020 Tweet - "Republicans want to work to help the American people. Pelosi has repeatedly blocked common sense legislation and instead tried to placate the most radical left. This has cost the Democrats many House seats. The choice ahead is simple--political games, or common ground. #LetsWork"
11/17/2020 Palmer Elected to Serve Second Term as Republican Policy Committee Chairman
11/16/2020 Tweet - "More good news on #COVID19 vaccines! @moderna_tx says its candidate is showing >90% effectiveness. We're indebted to medical innovators & the Trump Admin's efforts through #OperationWarpSpeed for their tireless work to deliver a vaccine in record time."
11/06/2020 Letter to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao - Proposed DOT Pilot Program for CDL Drivers
10/26/2020 Palmer Applauds Confirmation of New Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett
10/22/2020 Letter to Hon. Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Lucas Leads Bipartisan Efforts Ensuring COVID-19 Funds for Rural Hospitals
10/15/2020 Letter to the Hon. Carolyn Maloney, Chairwoman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee - Oversight Republicans call for emergency hearing on big tech's election interference
10/01/2020 Providing for Consideration of H. Res. Condemning Unwanted, Unnecessary Medical Procedures on Individuals Without Their Full, Informed Consent, and Providing for Consideration of H. Res. Condemning Qanon and Rejecting the Conspiracy Theories It Promotes

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