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Garret Graves' Public Statements

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Date Title
09/28/2023 Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2024
09/18/2023 Authorizing Fully Electronic Stamps
07/20/2023 House Approves Bipartisan FAA Reauthorization Legislation
07/20/2023 Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act
07/19/2023 Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act
07/19/2023 Chairmen Sam Graves and Garret Graves Statements from House Floor Debate on Bipartisan FAA Bill
06/15/2023 Welcoming Guest Chaplain Dan Borne
06/07/2023 Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023
06/04/2023 "Face the Nation," June 4, 2023
05/31/2023 Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023
05/22/2023 China Financial Threat Mitigation Act of 2023
04/13/2023 Recognizing April As Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month
03/30/2023 -9999
03/29/2023 Lower Energy Costs Act
03/28/2023 Lower Energy Costs Act
01/13/2023 Letter to Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation - Chairman Sam Graves & Ranking Member Rick Larsen Promise Vigorous Oversight of DOT Plans to Prevent Another FAA System Failure
12/07/2022 House Bill to Repeal U.S. Military Vaccine Mandate and Increase Pay for U.S. Servicemembers
11/17/2022 Disaster Survivors Fairness Act of 2022
10/31/2022 Bipartisan Bill to Expedite Recovery Projects SIGNED INTO LAW
10/19/2022 Graves Statement on President Biden Releasing Another 15 Million Barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
10/17/2022 Letter to Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States - Scalise, House Republicans: 'Biden Must Unleash American Energy Now'
10/05/2022 Graves Statement OPEC Cutting Energy Production and Biden Administration Caught with Hands Tied
09/29/2022 Bill by Sam Graves and Garret Graves to Expedite Airport Infrastructure Projects to Become Law
09/22/2022 Graves Statement on Permitting Process Promise That May Miss the Mark
09/15/2022 Letter to Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense - Reps. Roy, Johnson, Massie demand Pentagon release data on vaccine mandate harming military readiness

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