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Marco Rubio's Public Statements

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03/16/2011 ICYMI: Senator Marco Rubio on "The Sean Hannity Show"
03/16/2011 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Long-Term Fiscal Security
03/15/2011 Rubio and McCain Introduce the Debt Buy-Down Act of 2011 in the Senate
03/15/2011 Senator Rubio Offers Amendments to Reduce Out of Control Government Spending and Regulation
03/15/2011 ICYMI: Sen. Rubio: Democrats are Simply not Serious about Dealing with Debt
03/15/2011 McCain, Rubio, Flake Introduce the Debt Buy-Down Act of 2011
03/14/2011 ICYMI: Senator Rubio on "The Laura Ingraham Show"
03/14/2011 Senator Rubio: No More Budget Games
03/14/2011 Senator Rubio Votes Against Further Delay Of Debt Crisis Debate
03/12/2011 Senator Rubio Comments on Cuban Regime's Sentencing of Alan Gross
03/10/2011 Letter to Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the Senate - Addressing Debt Crisis
03/10/2011 ICYMI: Sen. Rubio: "The President is Absolutely Absent from this Debate"
03/10/2011 Senator Rubio Calls for Immediate Military Trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the 9/11 Conspirators
03/09/2011 Senator Rubio Comments on Senate's Failure to Rein in Spending
03/08/2011 ICYMI: Senator Rubio Questions Federal Fisheries' Policies that are Costing Florida Jobs
03/08/2011 Letter to The Honorable Daniel Inouye, Appropriations Chairman; and The Honorable Thad Cochran, Ranking Member
03/07/2011 Sen. Rubio: "Washington Needs A Balanced Budget Amendment"
03/04/2011 Letter to Yukiya Amano, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency - Nuclear Activities in Syria
03/04/2011 Senator Marco Rubio On The Defense Of Marriage Act
03/03/2011 "The Jim Turner Show:" WDBO-AM Orlando
03/03/2011 St. Petersburg Times: Sen. Marco Rubio Wants to Use Budget Resolution to Stop EPA
03/03/2011 Letter to The President
03/03/2011 Miami Herald: Marco Rubio: No fan of cap and trade
03/03/2011 Senator Rubio Co-sponsors The Energy Tax Prevention Act Of 2011
03/02/2011 Senator Rubio Votes For A Balanced Budget Amendment

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