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Jeb Bush's Public Statements

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06/17/2016 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript:Exclusive: Jeb Bush explains why he is running for president on 'Hannity'
02/18/2016 RUSH Transcript: Governor Jeb Bush//CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall
02/06/2016 Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Annotated
01/28/2016 Transcript of the Main Republican Presidential Debate
01/24/2016 Realigning the Courts with the Constitution
01/23/2016 Jeb on Top Issues Facing Seniors
01/22/2016 Fox News - Jeb: As President I will Move to Protect More Unborn Children from Abortion
01/19/2016 Jeb's Plan for America
01/19/2016 Jeb on the Second Amendment
01/19/2016 Jeb on Jobs
01/15/2016 The National Review - Jeb: Religious Liberty Must Be Respected and Protected
01/14/2016 Sixth Republican Presidential Debate
01/12/2016 Business Inisder - Jeb: Here's My Plan to Address the Monumental Threat of Cyber Attacks
01/05/2016 The Cedar Rapids Gazette - Barack Obama's Executive Orders Trample on the Second Amendment
01/05/2016 Addressing the Heartbreak of Addiction
01/04/2016 Jeb's Remarks to the NRA's Annual Leadership Forum
12/31/2015 The Iowa Republican - Agriculture is the Foundation of America
12/24/2015 Armband
12/15/2015 5th Republican Presidential Debate
12/13/2015 The Nashua Telegraph - A Welfare Plan for Getting Americans Back to Work
12/10/2015 Jeb: A Clear Choice on Protecting our Veterans
12/03/2015 Jeb Bush: As Leader of the Free World I Will Stand with Israel in Terror Fight
11/20/2015 Jeb: Presidents Should Lead, Not Lecture
11/19/2015 Jeb: A U.S. Defense Policy for the 21st Century
11/18/2015 Full Remarks: A U.S. Defense Policy for the 21st Century

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