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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell's Public Statements

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08/13/2020 Letter to the Hon. Wilbur Ross, Secretary of the Dept. of Commerce, the Hon. Dr. Steven Dillingham, Director of the Census Bureau - Fudge, Richmond Request Plan for Complete Census Count Following Abrupt Schedule Changes
08/13/2020 During National Health Center Week, Mucarsel-Powell Introduces NEW Bill To Fund Mobile COVID Testing Clinics For High Risk Communities
08/12/2020 Letter to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy - Pelosi, Maloney Joined by 192 House Democrats in Calling on Postmaster General to Reverse Assault on Postal Service
08/11/2020 Letter to the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, the Hon. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, the Hon. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, and the Hon. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader - Stevens Leads 25 Members of Congress in Urging Congressional Leadership to Prioritize Child Care
08/06/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Announces Critical $235 Million Water Infrastructure Loan For Miami-Dade County
08/05/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Renews Calls To Expand COVID-19 Emergency Aid Directly To Smaller Cities And Counties
07/30/2020 Letter to the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and the Hon. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader - Blumenauer Leads 100+ Bipartisan Members of Congress in Urging Relief for Independent Restaurants
07/30/2020 Water Resources Development Act Passed The House With Mucarsel-Powell's Priorities Included, Taking Leaps To Modernize South Florida Water Infrastructure
07/29/2020 Letter to the Hon. Marco Rubio, United States Senator and the Hon. Rick Scott, United States Senator - Soto, Mucarsel-Powell Call on Florida Senators to Prioritize Latinos Hardest Hit By COVID-19, Pass HEROES Act
07/29/2020 Mucarsel-Powell's $50 Billion COVID Fund For Child Care Providers Passes House As Part of Comprehensive Child Care Package
07/28/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Questions AG Barr On Trump's Handling Of Peaceful Protests, Dismantling Of ACA, COVID-19 And Election Interference
07/28/2020 As "Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine' Approaches Florida, Mucarsel-Powell Urges Precaution And Shares Hurricane Toolkit
07/28/2020 Letter to the Hon. John Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the US Air Force - Waltz Joins Florida Lawmakers Urging Air Force to Choose Florida for Space Command Headquarters
07/27/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Publishes NEW Survey Revealing Strong Support For HEROES Act Provisions
07/24/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Applauds NEW Federally-Funded Mobile Medical Van Serving Underserved Communities In South Florida
07/24/2020 Murphy, Members of Florida Congressional Delegation Lead Successful Effort to Support the People of Venezuela and Protect U.S. National Security
07/22/2020 Letter to Attorney William Barr, Attorney General and Chad Wolf, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security - Rep. Kirkpatrick Joins Colleagues in Demanding Answers About Deployment of Unidentified Federal Law Enforcement Personnel and Ongoing Actions in Portland
07/22/2020 Letter to the Hon. Sonny Perdue, Secretary of the US Department of Agriculture - Webster Joins Colleagues Urging Secretary Perdue to include Florida Fishermen in Administration's Lobster Relief Program
07/22/2020 Taxpayer First Act of 2019
07/21/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Scores Pay Raise For Troops And Wins For South Florida In Bipartisan Defense Authorization Bill
07/20/2020 Letter to the Hon. William Barr, United States Attorney General - Rep Lieu Leads 150 Member Letter Urging DOJ to Condemn COVID-Related Anti-Asian Discrimination
07/17/2020 Letter to Alex Azar, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Rubio, Shalala Lead Colleagues in Urging HHS to Increase Amounts of Remdesivir to Florida Hospitals
07/16/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Obtains Disturbing Information On Sexual Abuse Allegations And Unsafe Conditions At Homestead Detention Facility And Renews Calls For Closure
07/15/2020 Mucarsel-Powell Delivers On Environmental Priorities: Expedites Critical Everglades Restoration, Shines Light On Water Flow And Supports Eco-Tourism In Water Resources Development Act
07/15/2020 Letter to the Hon. Lauren Alder Reid, Assistant Director of the Office of Policy for the Executive Office of Immigration Review - Nadler & Lofgren Lead 70 Members in Opposing Trump Administration Rule Restricting Asylum

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