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Sue Myrick's Public Statements

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Date Title
10/15/2012 The Hill - US Must Protect Against Cyber Threats From China
09/19/2012 The Hill - We're Not Better Off, But We Can Change Course
09/13/2012 Letter to President Obama
09/13/2012 Letter to Mr. Conner and Mr. Newcomb
08/01/2012 Myrick Introduces Pilot Program to Curb GSA Waste
07/18/2012 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2013
07/17/2012 Transatlantic Group on Counterterrorism Holds Annual Meeting in Washington
07/11/2012 Myrick Votes For Repeal
06/28/2012 Myrick Statement on Supreme Court Health Care Ruling
06/28/2012 House Holds Attorney General In Contempt of Congress
06/25/2012 Myrick Responds To Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070
06/21/2012 House Passes The Domestic Energy And Jobs Act
06/20/2012 Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act
05/31/2012 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013
05/31/2012 House Passes FY 2013 Intelligence Authorization Act
05/30/2012 House Passes Vital FDA Reforms, Reauthorizations
05/18/2012 House Passes National Defense Authorization Act
05/17/2012 IT and Supply Chain Security
05/16/2012 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2012
05/16/2012 Politico - GOP: Real Party of U.S. Women
05/16/2012 House Reauthorizes Violence Against Women Act
05/08/2012 House Subcommittee Approves FDA Bill, Includes Provision to Spur Treatments for Rare Pediatric Diseases
05/07/2012 Letter to Conferees
04/27/2012 Energy and Commerce Leaders Investigate Whether EPA Official's Enforcement "Philosophy" to "Crucify" American Energy Companies Resulted in Abuse of Public Trust
04/26/2012 Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

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