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Steny Hoyer's Public Statements

  • U.S. House (MD) - District 5, Democratic Majority Leader
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03/02/2021 For the People Act of 2021
02/25/2021 Legislative Program
02/25/2021 Equality Act
02/24/2021 Tweet - "During my press conference today, I told reporters that the need for COVID-19 relief remains great; that's why I am bringing the #AmericanRescuePlan to the Floor this Friday. I hope that my colleagues will join in supporting this bill and providing relief to Americans."
02/24/2021 Tweet - "I just announced at my weekly press conference that the House will consider the PRO Act the week of March 8, legislation that affirms workers' right to organize and bargain collectively for better pay and benefits. I look forward to it passing with bipartisan support."
02/23/2021 Tweet - "Over half a million Americans lost to this pandemic is a stunning and unfathomable number to contemplate. I stood in a moment of silence tonight for each of those Americans, who were our loved-ones, neighbors, and friends. I join the country in deeply mourning this sad milestone."
02/23/2021 Tweet - "I'm pleased @FEMA has announced a new, mass-vaccination site in Waldorf. Access to vaccines and ensuring equitable distribution remains Team Maryland's top priority, and this new site will increase accessibility for residents of Charles Co & Southern MD."
02/23/2021 Tweet - "During #PublicSchoolsWeek, I celebrate the important role public schools play in our communities. My late wife Judy was a dedicated educator in Prince George's County, and she worked tirelessly throughout her career to ensure students had the tools they needed to succeed."
02/23/2021 Maryland Delegation Members Applaud New FEMA-Supported Mass Vaccination Site in Waldorf
02/23/2021 Tweet - "A year ago today Ahmaud Arbery was chased down and killed while jogging. Today, we remember him and countless others who have died from racist violence. More must be done to combat our nation's legacy of systemic racism and affirm that #BlackLivesMatter."
02/23/2021 Tweet - "The House will vote on Friday on @POTUS' #AmericanRescuePlan to end this pandemic and deliver urgently needed relief to America's families and small businesses. The American people strongly support this bill, and we are moving swiftly to see it enacted into law."
02/22/2021 Tweet - "Today, @HouseBudgetDems is taking action to advance the #AmericanRescuePlan so we can bring it to the House Floor for a vote this week and deliver needed relief to the American people."
02/22/2021 Tweet - "It is long past time that the over 700,000 citizens of DC receive equal representation under the law. I thank @EleanorNorton for her faithful advocacy on #DCStatehood and look forward to working alongside her, our colleagues in the Senate, and @POTUS to make statehood a reality."
02/22/2021 Hoyer Statement on 500,000 American Lives Lost to COVID-19
02/22/2021 Tweet - "I applaud @POTUS for making much-needed improvements to the PPP program so that critical assistance can be equitably delivered to America's smallest businesses."
02/22/2021 Hoyer Statement on House Budget Committee Advancing the American Rescue Plan
02/22/2021 Tweet - "More than half a million Americans have now been lost to COVID-19, a number so high it is difficult to contemplate. Each of these individuals was a loved-one, a neighbor, a friend. Read my full statement: https://bit.ly/3pLvQ3x"
02/19/2021 Tweet - "Communities of color continue to be the hardest hit during this pandemic, suffering from a disproportionate loss of life & infections. In Maryland & around the country we must ensure #VaccineAccessForAll. I thank @COVIDOversight for their hearing today on this issue."
02/19/2021 Tweet - "Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord marks a turning point in our nation's commitment to addressing the #ClimateCrisis and reversing the damage of the Trump Administration. I am pleased the Biden Administration is taking serious steps to #ActOnClimate."
02/19/2021 Tweet - "House Democrats are working closely with the Biden Administration to provide urgently needed relief through the #AmericanRescuePlan to support American families and restore our economy."
02/18/2021 Tweet - "The sharp drop in life expectancy in the United States is extremely alarming but it's even more troubling that African Americans and Hispanic Americans are experiencing a larger decline than the rest of the population."
02/18/2021 Maryland Congressional Delegation Announces More Than $5.5 Million for Community Health Centers Across the State
02/18/2021 Hoyer Statement on the U.S. Citizenship Act
02/18/2021 Tweet - "Immigrants and refugees are our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. The U.S. Citizenship Act is a major step toward achieving the kind of immigration reform long overdue for our country and would align our immigration policies with our national ideas."
02/18/2021 Tweet - "For too long, LGBTQ Americans have faced discrimination in employment, housing, and education. I'm proud to support #EqualityAct and ensure that every LGBTQ person is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.@LeaderHoyer"

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