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Steny Hoyer's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (MD) - District 5, Democratic Majority Leader

On The Ballot: Running, Democratic for U.S. House (MD) - District 5

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10/23/2020 Hoyer Statement Announcing Floor Vote on the Lumbee Recognition Act
10/22/2020 Hoyer Statement on President Trump's Executive Order Undermining the Federal Civilian Workforce
10/22/2020 Hoyer Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Advancing SCOTUS Confirmation Vote
10/22/2020 Hoyer Statement on Russia and Iran Interfering in the Upcoming Election
10/22/2020 Tweet - "Today's executive order from @POTUS undermining the federal workforce is yet another in a long list of actions taken by this Admin to betray the hardworking, dedicated, and patriotic Americans who have chosen to work on behalf of their fellow citizens."
10/22/2020 Tweet - "The American people have been waiting "weeks" for Trump's health care plan for the last 4 years, but he never had a plan -- other than to kick people off coverage. Today he said it would be "good" for the #ACA to be struck down by the Supreme Court. Take a look:"
10/22/2020 Tweet - "Americans heard directly from Trump that he hopes the #ACA will be struck down by SCOTUS. For 4 years, Trump has failed to deliver the health care plan he promised. Now, during a pandemic, his true plan is clear: to kick millions off their coverage."
10/21/2020 Tweet - "During an economic and public health crisis, @SenateMajLdr would rather confirm judges than pass desperately-needed coronavirus relief to help millions of American families and businesses. American lives are at stake, and Republicans are failing our nation."
10/21/2020 Tweet - "545 children were cruelly & deliberately torn from their parents by the Trump Admin & cannot be reunited with their families. It is outrageous & unacceptable that, as part of its hateful & xenophobic agenda, the Trump Admin has inflicted this abuse on innocent children."
10/21/2020 Hoyer: GOP Senate Bill Another Example of Republicans' Failure to Take the Coronavirus Seriously
10/21/2020 Tweet - "Health disparities among the Latino community in our state have exacerbated the impact of COVID-19. I joined with my colleagues in urging @GovLarryHogan to deliver targeted relief to Latino families & focus on halting the spread of the virus."
10/21/2020 Tweet - "The bill brought to the Senate Floor today is yet another example of Republicans' refusal to take this pandemic seriously. It shows that Senate Republicans have no interest in providing relief to the American people, who so desperately need it."
10/20/2020 Tweet - "Thousands of families are at risk of losing their homes in January if an agreement isn't reached to provide additional relief. Democrats provided relief to renters & homeowners in the #HeroesAct & the next COVID-19 bill must also include this assistance."
10/20/2020 Tweet - "The disaster during this pandemic has been the President's shameful mismanagement of this virus that has cost over 220,000 American lives, not Dr. Fauci. The President's continuing attacks on science and scientific experts is disgraceful."
10/19/2020 Tweet - "Sunday's court ruling to block the Trump Admin from kicking unemployed workers off of SNAP benefits is a massive victory for so many households struggling with food insecurity during this pandemic."
10/19/2020 Tweet - "Our nation's day care centers are an essential service for parents who must work during this time and their children. House Dems have acted to provide relief to the child care industry and prevent a crisis; I call on the GOP Senate to work with us."
10/15/2020 Tweet - "The #CARESAct helped families temporarily stave off financial ruin. House Dems acted twice to keep that lifeline going but the GOP Senate refuses to act; now millions of families are falling into poverty. This is unacceptable. Americans need relief now."
10/15/2020 Tweet - "Nearly 900K new unemployment claims were filed last week, continuing the unacceptably high numbers of Americans needing assistance, but Republicans say "you're on your own." The time to act is now; we must reach agreement on a coronavirus relief bill."
10/13/2020 Hoyer Statement on the Supreme Court's Decision to Allow the Trump Administration to End the Census Early
10/13/2020 Tweet - "I strongly disagree with the SCOTUS decision to allow the Trump Admin to subvert the 2020 Census by ending it early. This will allow an undercount in communities that deserve their fair share of representation & federal resources."
10/09/2020 Maryland Lawmakers Announce More Than $280,000 in Federal Funding to Expand Digital Education Resources During the Pandemic
10/08/2020 Tweet - "Economists agree that Americans and our economy benefited from the weekly $600 UI passed in CARES, and that state & local governments need help now -- that's why it is so irresponsible for the GOP to abandon American families who need economic relief."
10/08/2020 Tweet - "Democrats worked in good faith last week and put forward a comprehensive bill to provide Americans with the urgent relief they need to get through this pandemic. Instead of working with us, Donald Trump walked away."
10/08/2020 Tweet - "Proud that Maryland's public TV educational programs will receive $100,000 in federal funding. This investment will help Maryland Public Television continue its efforts to expand opportunity for all of our children."
10/08/2020 Tweet - "Trump's dangerous decision to walk away from negotiations on a COVID-19 relief bill has placed our economy and millions of Americans at risk. He has abandoned the American people, leaving them to confront this pandemic on their own."

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